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Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year !

We wish to all of our readers from India and countries where the New Year is celebrated a

Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year !

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Amy Goodman to receive Right Livelihood Award

Amy Goodman on her educational program Democracy NOW! Democracy NOW! broadcast daily Monday to Friday. For more information go to: Photo:

Amy Goodman to receive Right Livelihood Award

By Andreas Klamm, journalist, broadcast journalist
and author of Liberty and Peace NOW!

Washington D. C. / New York City / London/Stockholm/October 28, 2008. The international and excellent journalist which is known as one the world best top journalists, authors and broadcast journalists has been awarded to receive the Right Livelihood Award on December 8 or December 9, 2008 by the Right Livelihood Award Foundation in Stockholm in Sweden.

Amy Goodman will share the right Livelihood Award with four other woman which have been taking part in a vital role of social transformation.

The tree other women which will receive also the Right Livelihood Award 2008 are
Krishnammal and Sankaralingam Jagannathan / LAFTI (India)

"...for two long lifetimes of work dedicated to realising in practice the Gandhian vision of social justice and sustainable human development, for which they have been referred to as 'India's soul'."
Asha Hagi (Somalia)

"...for continuing to lead at great personal risk the female participation in the peace and reconciliation process in her war-ravaged country."


Monika Hauser (Germany)

"...for her tireless commitment to working with women who have experienced the most horrific sexual violence in some of the most dangerous countries in the world, and campaigning for them to receive social recognition and compensation."

Amy Goodman will be honored for "...for developing an innovative model of truly independent political journalism that brings to millions of people the alternative voices that are often excluded by mainstream media.”

Presented annually in Stockholm at a ceremony in the Swedish Parliament, the Right Livelihood Award is usually shared by four recipients. One of them may receive an Honorary Award, given to a person or group whose work the Jury wishes to recognize but who is not primarily in need of monetary support. The others share the prize money of 2,000,000 Swedish kronor (approximately USD 310,000). The prize money is for ongoing successful work, never for personal use.

The media is sometimes called the fourth power in a democracy. But in many countries of the world such as for example Germany, Iran, Iraq, China, North Korea and many others the media is today no longer willing or able to play this role. Instead it defers to commercial and political interests, thus eroding democracy and destroying elementary and fundamental vital parts of a democracy such as the freedom the press, liberty, peace, free speech and justice.

With Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman has shown what the alternative to this dangerous trend can look like. Democracy Now! is the largest public media collaboration in the U.S. which is now available to people seeking alternative viewpoints around the globe.

Amy Goodman was born in 1957, graduated from Harvard in 1984 and became news director at the New York radio station WBAI a few years later. In 1996 she launched the daily one-hour news broadcast Democracy Now!, which she now hosts with Juan Gonzalez, and which is produced live from 08.00 to 09.00 US EST.

Unembedded reporting

Democracy Now! focuses on issues its producers consider under-reported or ignored by mainstream news coverage, like global news or reporting on anti-war activism in the U.S. It provides hard-hitting, independent, breaking coverage of war and peace, U.S. domestic and foreign policy, and struggles for social, racial, economic, gender and environmental justice in the U.S. and abroad.

Democracy Now! seeks to give voice to the voiceless. Its broadcasts include:
in-depth interviews with community members, activists, academics, artists and journalists shut out by the mainstream media, debates between activists and people in power, investigative reports and exclusive interviews with usual and controversial guests, and on-the-ground reporting from protests, the recent conventions and hot spots round the world.

Democracy Now! - Facts and figure

Democracy Now! is the fastest growing independent news program in the United States of America . The educational program is now syndicated to more than 700 radio and TV, satellite and cable TV networks in North America reaching millions of people worldwide.

Democracy Now! is produced by seven producers, 20 full-time and 15 paid part-time staff as well as many volunteers. Broadcast daily as an hourly TV show, but with its founding on radio, it is produced in such a way that the stories never rely on the pictures, which allows it to be sent out as a radio show on community radio stations all over the US.

Democracy Now! has an outreach team working to encourage communities to demand that their community radio stations transmit the program.

Democracy Now!'s innovative technical solutions allow for high usability for any kind of audience. There is 'close captioning' for deaf people and numerous voluntary transcribers produce full transcripts of the show. On the website, there are different types of streams and downloads, e.g. audio files, but also high-quality video files that are sent out, for example, by a Japanese TV channel once a week. Democracy Now! also keeps a complete archive of all its shows, which people can research for free.

Democracy Now! receives no government or corporate funding. Because of its educational mission, it has charitable status according to US law (501c3). Major organizational donors have been the Lannan Foundation and the Wallace Global Fund. Significant contributions also come from listeners themselves.

What Amy Goodman is calling “Trickle-up journalism”

Amy Goodman describes Democracy Now! as 'trickle-up journalism', because the stories it runs are often taken up by the mainstream media and her interviewees are very often interviewed by other channels after they have appeared on Democracy Now! Thus, the significance of Democracy Now! goes beyond the show as such: It also serves to open up the media landscape, acting as a 'conveyor belt' for stories that otherwise would not reach the mainstream media.

Awards and books received by Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman's awards include the Golden Reel for the Best National Documentary for 'Drilling and Killing: Chevron and Nigeria's Oil Dictatorship' in 1998, and the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Prize for 'Massacre: the Story of East Timor'. This story had almost cost her life: In East Timor, she survived a massacre in 1991 in which Indonesian soldiers gunned down 270 Timorese people.

The journalist, author and brodcasting journalist has also written three hard-hitting books with her brother, David Goodman: The Exception to the Rulers (2004); Static: Government Liars, Media Cheer-leaders and the People who Fight Back (2006); and Standing up to the Madness (2008). She also syndicates a column to national papers.

Democracy Now! is broadcast daily from 8-9am EST/1-2pm GMT. To watch today's show and for a list of international and domestic stations that carry DN!, please go to

Quotation: What Amy Goodman has said about the Right Livelihood Award

"I am completely honored to have my work and the work of my colleagues held in such high regard, it makes me realize how important the work of bringing a truly independent voice to broadcast news and journalism really is. I really believe in free speech and independent journalism as a tool for peace, for understanding. It is so important, especially during times like these, that the media hold the politicians feet to the fire... we all need the real answers, the truth as best we can. This is why I get up every morning and go to the red firehouse we broadcast from everyday, still as excited as my first day at Democracy Now! over 12 years ago."

Amy Goodman

The murder and killing of independent journalists fighting for liberty and democracy

Not all journalists which do publish alternative and independent reports do receive an award. Many of these journalists instead of receiving awards have been murdered. According to the Committee to Protect Journalist in 2008, 33 journalists have been killed. In 2007 according to information in the USA a number of 67 journalists have been killed.

The International Press Institute in Europe knows already about 37 journalists which been murdered in the year 2008. In the years 2007 93 journalists have been killed according to the International Press Institute.

Reporters without borders knows about the death of 34 journalists in 2008 while 126 journalists are imprisoned. About so called 93 “cyber dissidents” and 9 media assistant staff do serve in prison for simply speaking out a part of the truth for laboring for liberty, democracy and peace.

Article 18

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Article 19

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

UNITED NATIONS, New York City, United States of America, 1948

IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty and IBS Television Liberty is supporting international understanding since 1986.

Source: Right Livelihood Foundation, Sweden.


For more information visit please.:

New Book Focuses on the Power of Prayer

New Book Focuses on the Power of Prayer

MEDIA ADVISORY, October 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- In Manitou Springs, Colorado, John Burton learned about the power of prayer.

Launching a church in a city that was a well known haven for witches and followers of the occult, Burton began a prayer event called "Pray Manitou Springs."

"People made it clear to me that they didn't want us there," Burton said. "All of the sudden the Lord speaks to me. He said, 'I want to visit people in the night.'"

The next morning, Burton received a phone call about a man who said he had been visited by Jesus in the night.

"He was overcome and for the rest of his life he wouldn't be the same," Burton said. "And he had been a senior ranking witch in the area for 50 years."

This is one of many stories Burton tells in his new book, "Revelation Driven Prayer." The book is Burton's personal story of how prayer has changed his life and the lives of those around him.

"The idea is very simple," Burton said. "It is living a life based on God's precise revelation and instruction that is received through a lifestyle of prayer."

Burton and his wife, Amy, began Revolution House of Prayer in Manitou Springs in 2001. The couple and their children are currently serving at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. John and his wife have ministered throughout the world sharing their messages about how prayer can change lives.

In the book, Burton encourages everyone to think about their personal prayer life.

"Passive prayer where we are driving down the road and talking to God is fine," Burton said. "Regular powerful prayer---that's when we begin to see things happen."

Revelation Driven Prayer will be available in bookstores across the nation beginning Oct. 30. To order a copy online, go to To arrange an interview with John Burton, call 1-866-487-1361, ext. 702.

New Book Focuses on the Power of Prayer

New Book Focuses on the Power of Prayer

MEDIA ADVISORY, October 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- In Manitou Springs, Colorado, John Burton learned about the power of prayer.

Launching a church in a city that was a well known haven for witches and followers of the occult, Burton began a prayer event called "Pray Manitou Springs."

"People made it clear to me that they didn't want us there," Burton said. "All of the sudden the Lord speaks to me. He said, 'I want to visit people in the night.'"

The next morning, Burton received a phone call about a man who said he had been visited by Jesus in the night.

"He was overcome and for the rest of his life he wouldn't be the same," Burton said. "And he had been a senior ranking witch in the area for 50 years."

This is one of many stories Burton tells in his new book, "Revelation Driven Prayer." The book is Burton's personal story of how prayer has changed his life and the lives of those around him.

"The idea is very simple," Burton said. "It is living a life based on God's precise revelation and instruction that is received through a lifestyle of prayer."

Burton and his wife, Amy, began Revolution House of Prayer in Manitou Springs in 2001. The couple and their children are currently serving at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. John and his wife have ministered throughout the world sharing their messages about how prayer can change lives.

In the book, Burton encourages everyone to think about their personal prayer life.

"Passive prayer where we are driving down the road and talking to God is fine," Burton said. "Regular powerful prayer---that's when we begin to see things happen."

Revelation Driven Prayer will be available in bookstores across the nation beginning Oct. 30. To order a copy online, go to To arrange an interview with John Burton, call 1-866-487-1361, ext. 702.

Green Party becomes the first party to endorse the Standing For Voters pledge to defend election integrity

Green Party becomes the first party to endorse the Standing For Voters pledge to defend election integrity

Green national candidates McKinney and Clemente sign on, along with other Green candidates; Greens cite their leadership role in the 2004 Ohio and New Mexico recounts after evidence of vote theft

Greens condemn GOP efforts to disqualify legitimate voters in the 2008 election

WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S.A./October 30, 2008/ The Green Party of the United States has become the first political party to endorse the Election Integrity Pledge promoted by Standing For Voters (, an internet-based group inviting candidates to pledge their commitment to fair elections.

Along with the Green Party, several Green Party candidates have pledged 'no early concessions' and actions challenging election outcomes if necessary: presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and vice presidential candidate Rosa Clemente; US Congressional candidates Carol Brouillet (Calif.-14), Rebecca Dewitt (Ariz.-4), Harold Burbank (Conn.-5), and Mike Beilstein (Or.-4); and five candidates for state and local offices: Dan Kairis of Illinois, Richard Boyle of California, Rick Lass of New Mexico, Allan Hancock of Minnesota, and Charles A. Pillsbury of Connecticut.

"Led by David Cobb, our 2004 presidential candidate, Greens organized the response to the 2004 vote theft. John Kerry and most of his fellow Democrats did nothing after reports and evidence of GOP election manipulation and obstruction of African American and young voters surfaced. Meanwhile, Greens filed for the recounts in Ohio and New Mexico and raised most of the money for legal expenses. It's our special obligation and privilege to be the first party to sign on to the Standing For Voters pledge," said Holly Hart, secretary of the Green Party of the United States.

For more on Green leadership in the Ohio and New Mexico recounts, visit (

In signing the pledge, Greens sharply condemned recent tactics that have been used to obstruct and discourage voters, especially African Americans in certain states, from voting. Such tactics include letters to voters falsely claiming that they've been declared ineligible to vote, foreclosure lists denying right to vote because a voter's address is "no longer valid," and vicious attacks on voter registration efforts.

"The drastic efforts to disqualify legitimate voters suggests that we'll see a repeat of Republican conspiracies to steal the national election. Will Democrats fight this time, or will they roll over again and leave it to the Green Party?" asked Sanda Everette, co-chair of the Green Party.

The documentary 'American Blackout' covers Cynthia McKinney's role in the struggle for election integrity ( A recent essay by Ms. McKinney also addresses the breakdown in fair elections (, Oct. 7,

The Green Party advocates various systematic reforms to ensure fair, accurate, and truly democratic elections, including public financing of elections, free time on public airwaves for all candidates, repeal of ballot access laws restricting alternative-party and independent candidates, paper verification and open-source software for computer voting systems, instant runoff voting, and proportional representation.

According to the Standing For Voters pledge, signers promise to challenge election results "if the combination of election conditions, incident reports, and announced election results calls into question the reliability of the official vote count." Should another candidate be declared the winner in a race, signers vow to "wait until all valid votes are counted and all serious challenges resolved before conceding defeat."

"We'd like to see all of the nation's political parties endorse Standing For Voters, as the Green Party has done nationally," said Emily Levy, Standing For Voters Project Coordinator. "As participants in what's commonly known as 'our democratic process,' all parties should commit to fair elections. We welcome endorsements from local, state, and national party organizations, as well as other groups that care about democracy."


Green Party of the United States
202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN
Fax 202-319-7193

Green candidate database for 2008 and other campaign information:

Green Party News Center

Green Party Speakers Bureau

Green Party ballot access page

2008 Green candidates to watch

Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente 'Power to the People' Campaign for the White House

Cynthia McKinney on video interview, Oct. 19:

Democracy Now! interview, Oct. 16:

Music video:

Rosa Clemente on video
Interview: Current TV/Rock the Vote

Green Party candidates for state legislature to watch on Election Day 2008

Green Party candidates for state legislature to watch on Election Day 2008

WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S.A./ The Green Party of the United States is running an outstanding slate of candidates for state legislature in 2008, with a few strong possibilities of victory on Election Day. Four such candidates are profiled below.

The most impressive list of candidates comes from Illinois, where the Green Party ( is running 54 candidates for public office, more than any other Green Party, among whom 18 candidates are seeking seats in the state legislature.

At least 245 Green candidates will be on ballots on Election Day, November 4. At least 293 Greens have run for public office throughout 2008, including the November 4 election. More Green candidates to watch are listed at:

The Green Party's 2008 national nominees are Cynthia McKinney and running mate Rosa Clemente. Ms. McKinney was interviewed on on Sunday evening, October 19 ( and on Democracy Now!, October 16, following the final presidential debate, from which she was excluded (

Richard Carroll is running unopposed, except for two write-in candidates, for an open seat in Arkansas State Representative District 39. He has strong union support, with endorsements from the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers (IBB), United Transportation Union, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, Arkansas State Electrical Workers Association, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, and the Central Labor Council of Arkansas, as well as the North Little Rock Fire Fighters, Ride Free, and Arkansas Democrat Gazette ( Mr. Carroll has been active in union organizing for 30 years, holding the offices of Vice President, and Recording Secretary of IBB Local 69, and Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Local Chairman of IBB Local 66

Campaign web site:

Farheen Hakeem, a popular political personality in Minneapolis, is running for Minnesota State House District 61B. Three candidates are seeking an open seat, and in recent polls Ms. Hakeem is running in a statistical dead heat for the lead. Ms. Hakeem, who has worked as a teacher and volunteers as a Girl Scout Leader, ran for Mayor of Minneapolis in 2005 as a Green and received 14% of the vote. In 2006, she ran for Hennepin County Commissioner (District 4) against a Democratic incumbent, drawing 33%.

Minneapolis Mirror article with video:
Campaign web site:

Ante Marijan, candidate for State Representative in the Chicago (District 2), received endorsements from the Chicago Sun-Times (,CST-EDT-edit24.article) and the Chicago Tribune (,0,2682341.story).

Campaign web site:

Kent Solberg, candidate for State Representative District 27, received the endorsement of the Arizona Daily Star, the largest circulation newspaper in Tucson ( He also qualified for Arizona Clean Elections funds, enabling him to run a well-financed campaign. The campaign has canvassed the entire district twice with 50,000 brochures each time, and just finished a series of three special rallies with live bands. Additionally for the first time for any Green candidate in Arizona, Mr. Solberg is running 30 second TV and 60 Spanish radio commercials. Mr. Solberg, running an issues-oriented campaign, has a very real chance to defeat one of the two incumbents.

Campaign web site:


Green Party of the United States
202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN
Fax 202-319-7193

Green candidate database for 2008 and other campaign information:

Green Party News Center

Green Party Speakers Bureau

Green Party ballot access page

2008 Green candidates to watch

Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente 'Power to the People' Campaign for the White House

Cynthia McKinney on video interview, Oct. 19:

Democracy Now! interview, Oct. 16:

Music video:

Rosa Clemente on video

Interview: Current TV/Rock the Vote

Mountain Party gubernatorial candidate Jesse Johnson endorsed by West Virginia Citizen Action Fund

Mountain Party gubernatorial candidate Jesse Johnson endorsed by West Virginia Citizen Action Fund

WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S.A/ The Jesse Johnson campaign for Governor of West Virginia was endorsed by West Virginia Citizen Action Fund

The Citizen Action Fund, a new political action committee formed by West Virginia Citizen Action Group, is the state's oldest consumer protection and government watch-dog organization.

The endorsement, announced last week and reporterd in the Huntington Herald-Dispatch ("Citizen group announces endorsements," Oct. 19, recognizes Jesse Johnson's outspoken advocacy for West Virginians in public health, the environment, workers' and consumers' protections, transition to clean alternative energy, and other areas.

"The CAF endorsement clearly acknowledges Jesse as the gubernatorial candidate who will fight for the people of West Virginia instead of powerful corporate interests who've treated the state like a dumping ground," said Lesia Angel, Deputy Commissioner of the Mountain Party.

"Because of mountaintop removal and the power of the coal companies, West Virginia has become ground zero for global climate change in the US," said Jesse Johnson. "The Interior Department is now relaxing rules on mountaintop mining, which will bring untold devastation to the natural environment and a massive threat to public health, through contamination of water and other resources. I'm the only nominee addressing this crisis, because the Democrat and Republican are too closely allied with the coal companies that are plundering West Virginia."

Johnson supporters also noted his strong opposition to a plan by Governor Manchin to allow electric transmission lines, which would allow private, out-of-state companies to take private property from West Virginia citizens and gouge ratepayers.

On October 3, Jesse Johnson was endorsed by the Sierra Club ( Mr. Johnson is a former chair of the West Virginia Mountain Party, and as chair, he affiliated the Mountain Party with the Green Party of the United States (

Video clip of Jesse Johnson speaking at a recent West Virginia Youth Commission forum:

Source: Green Party, USA

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Treasury Departments' Plan

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Treasury Departments' Plan

Chicago, IL, U.S.A./October 14, 2008/ - Below is a Statement From Senator Barack Obama on the Treasury Department's Plan

"The Treasury Department's concept of investing money directly into struggling banks so they can lend money to families and businesses is the right one. But we must make sure this plan is implemented in a way that helps homeowners and does not enrich Wall Street CEOs at the taxpayers' expense, something I have warned against from the first day of this financial crisis. Taxpayers who are now invested in Goldman Sachs should not be treated worse than when Warren Buffett invested in Goldman Sachs. Injecting capital into our financial institutions is essential to stabilizing our economy, but we must make sure we are not giving sweetheart, insider deals that shift the risk to taxpayers without giving them sufficient upside. And we must make sure that these institutions are helping homeowners stay in their homes, which includes abiding by a 90 day moratorium on foreclosures for families who are making a good faith effort to pay their mortgages. Finally, the plan appears to extend a broader set of guarantees to banks without requiring any additional regulation, which represents more of the same failed philosophy that got us into this mess.

"I will be studying the details of this deal to make sure we can advance the core concept while still protecting taxpayers and ensuring that CEOs are not being enriched on our dime," said Senator Barack Obama.

Tony Nassif Available for Interviews

Tony Nassif Available for Interviews

MEDIA ADVISORY, October 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Author and commentator, Tony Nassif, is now available for interviews.

Nassif says there is a spiritual dynamic to the vote.

In God's eyes every Christian will vote in this election. They will do so by their ballot or by silence. Silence withholds moral values giving strength to those that are contrary for which there will be an accountability to God.

Nassif says that the political arena has invaded the moral one and has launched an attack on biblical morality bringing forth more poverty, disease and death of unborn children, etc.

Nassif also points to the Declaration of Independence to substantiate the role God and biblical absolutes play in public life of the nation. He believes that a Christian who supports morals contrary to God's may well result in spiritual consequences of accountability.

The consequences of America's turning from God by policies and morality are increadibly serious because America was founded on a covenant with God.

Mr. Nassif writes public policy commentary on a variety of issues from abortion to the war in Iraq which are distributed nationally and internationally.

Mr. Nassif is the founder and president of the Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation and producer of the Preventing Abuse Conferences on human trafficking and child abduction. He has been interviewed on a multitude of television and radio programs and spoken to meetings e.g. Voice of America, Family News in Focus from Focus on the Family, Janet Parshall's America, Dr. D. James Kennedy, U.S. Defense Department, Preventing Abuse Conferences, Concerned Women for America, Eagle Forum, TBN Network, Cornerstone Network, as well as support from Gary Bauer, American Values, Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation, entertainer Pat Boone and many, many more.

To schedule an interview please email your inquiry to or call 818-679- 3571

U.N. Torture Expert Should Investigate Brutal Force-Feeding Of Connecticut Inmate, Says ACLU

U.N. Torture Expert Should Investigate Brutal Force-Feeding Of Connecticut Inmate, Says ACLU

Treatment Could Violate International Human Rights Laws

HARTFORD, CT, U.S.A./October 27, 2008/ The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture (UNSR) should review the force-feeding of inmate Bill Coleman by the Connecticut Department of Corrections (DOC), according to a letter filed today by the American Civil Liberties Union under the U.N. Urgent Appeal procedure.

"The ACLU believes this violent procedure warrants serious investigation from the United Nations. The DOC has violated Mr. Coleman's human rights, his right to deny medical treatment and his right to political protest," said Andrew Schneider, Executive Director of the ACLU of Connecticut.

Connecticut inmate Bill Coleman has been force-fed through an IV at least 10 times since September 22. Force-feeding is universally considered cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment that in some cases could be considered torture in violation of the Convention Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, according to the letter. It is also considered unethical by the World Medical Association, which includes the American Medical Association.

On October 21, DOC officials moved Coleman to MacDougall Correctional Institution and isolated him from the other inmates without giving any reason why he was moved or placed in isolation. On October 23, he was ordered to visit the infirmary, where he was put in four-point restraint. A nasogastric tube was forcibly inserted through his nose but had to be removed when a kink in the tube got caught in his nasal passage.

"I could feel it going down my throat and into my stomach. I was gagging, choking and vomiting," said Coleman.

Contrary to prior practice with Coleman, Dr. Edward Blanchette, Clinical Director of the DOC, turned off two cameras being used to tape the procedure immediately before inserting the tubes and turned the cameras back on only after the tubes had been removed and the room had been cleaned. Since the tubes were removed after force-feeding Coleman, the DOC could repeat the inhumane procedure of inserting the tubes again and again.

"Brutally force-feeding Bill Coleman in direct opposition to his wishes violates his basic human rights and international standards of humane treatment, in addition to violating his right to make a political statement by refusing food," said Jamil Dakwar, Director of the ACLU Human Rights Program. "We are hopeful that the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture will review Mr. Coleman's treatment and make suggestions to fix it. The Connecticut Department of Corrections should take immediate steps to implement any changes recommended by the Special Rapporteur to ensure that Mr. Coleman's rights are restored."

Coleman is protesting in the form of a hunger strike what he believes is Connecticut's corrupt judicial system. Coleman has been deemed competent and has a living will, executed on a DOC form, which explicitly states that he is not to be resuscitated or force-fed.

The ACLU's letter urges the UNSR to review the DOC's treatment of Coleman, advise the government to stop force-feeding him and immediately allow an independent health professional to monitor the conditions of Coleman's hunger strike. In addition to appealing to the U.N., the ACLU of Connecticut will be in Connecticut Superior Court in January to ask that court to block the DOC from force-feeding Coleman.

The ACLU's letter is available online here:

William Murray of Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP is cooperating counsel for the ACLU of Connecticut.

Partial Transcript: Voter Registration Conversation Secretly Recorded at South

Partial Transcript: Voter Registration Conversation Secretly Recorded at South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families Office - October 20, 2008 Approx. 7 PM

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota, October 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following two interactions took place Monday evening, the last day to register to vote in South Dakota. "Eduardo" is an actual resident of California who intentionally falsely states he has relative's here in South Dakota. In other parts of the conversation (not transcribed below) there is discussion about what is legal residence, using a relative's address, and how a number of people on the campaign staff are doing this to vote here and then they are going home after the election.

The first conversation is between Eduardo and a man named Josh. Eduardo and Josh are discussing how it is that SDCHF Spokesman Chris Cassidy is able to vote in South Dakota since he is also currently a resident of California only here for the election, and plans to go home when the election is over. The second conversation captured moments later was with a man named Antonio who said he is the "Deputy Field Director." Antonio is heard to say on other parts of the audio that he is here from Pennsylvania working on the campaign for the past two and a half months but he states he is choosing not to vote in South Dakota like Chris.

This transcript only covers 1:53 of a 17:35 minute recorded conversation.

Eduardo: Yeah but, if you have an address...

Josh: Yeah, it's good

Eduardo: ...even if my, my driver's license says California

Josh: Yeah but you can, there's people, you know, people who work here who are like Chris, anybody's who's here now during the election that are going to leave after.

Eduardo: He's from Oakland right?

Josh: Yeah.

Eduardo: I'm from Riverside. How long has Chris lived here?

Josh: Oh, he's just here working on the campaign.

Eduardo: That's it?

Josh: Yep.

Eduardo: You see, why couldn't I do the same?

Josh: I don't know. They should, they should have let you, that's the thing.

Eduardo: Chris did it -but now they are closed.

Josh: It might work -

Eduardo: Why, why don't they have it open til later?

Other voices audible

Josh to Hassan: Do you know anything about voter registration when you're down there?

Josh: It shouldn't matter

Eduardo: You said Chris did it right?

Josh: Yeah, I mean it's on his --- cause you can have it from South Dak ---

Eduardo: The white man who did it. Cause you said Chris did it. No cause you black and you didn't do it. He did. Chris did it.

Campaign staff laughing

Josh: Well Chris...

?????: No I said she did it out today.

Eduardo: The lady who was here with me?

Eduardo: Well, no 'cause I waited for her.

Unknown: Dude, she went to the bathroom.

Antonio: Sometimes they bend the law on some things.

Eduardo: So Chris chose to vote here.

Antonio: Yes. Yes.

Eduardo: But he's going back. Once you vote you can go back, if you want?

Antonio: Yeah, of course, you can switch, it doesn't matter how many times you switch your registration

Eduardo: And it doesn't matter if I'm legally living here as long as I have the address.

Antonio: Yep, absolutely

Eduardo: I register...

Antonio: Ah hmm

Eduardo: ....and then if I stay here until November the fifth and then I go?

Antonio: Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah you can, I mean, it- it all depends on what, what, where your main address is where you can vote. So...

Eduardo: And so if I choose to stay today I can vote.

Verantwortliche Redaktionsleitung: Nationale und internationale Nachrichten-Meldungen für den Monat OKTOBER 2008

Verantwortliche Redaktionsleitung: Nationale und internationale Nachrichten-Meldungen für den Monat OKTOBER 2008

London/New York City/Ludwigshafen.(red). 30. Oktober 2008. Die verantwortliche Redaktionsleitung für nationale und internationale Nachrichten-Meldungen und die Tages-Redaktion für alle Tage bei der Nachrichtenagentur für den Monat Oktober 2008 hat der Journalist und Autor mehrerer Bücher, Andreas Klamm,

Der Journalist Andreas Klamm ist Mitglied bei dju.verdi, Deutsche Journalisten und Journalistinnen-Union der Gewerkschaft ver.di, Mitglied der VG, Verwertungsgesellschaft WORT in München und Mitglied bei DPV Deutscher Presse-Verband, Hamburg sowie weiteren nationalen und internationalen Organistationen.

Andreas Klamm arbeitet als Journalist in mehreren Ländern international, unter anderem in Deutschland, Togo, und Groß Britannien.

Er ist zudem Herausgeber von British Newsflash Magazine seit 1986 und von MJB Mission News, ISSN 1999-8418 ( . Im sekundären Zweitberuf ist Andreas Klamm, staatlich, dreijährig, examinierter Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger.

Die verantwortliche Redaktionsleitung und Tages-Redaktion wird einmal im Monat an die Bezieher des Dienstes bzw. Leser mitgeteilt.

Weitere Hinweise bitte dem Impressum entnehmen.

Wir danken für Ihr Verständnis.

Die Redaktion, - Nachrichtenagentur
IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty
Radio IBS Liberty
IBS Television Liberty
30. Oktober 2008
Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Deutschland
London, United Kingdom

New Website Targets Undecided Pro-Lifers with Facts, Emotion, Spiritual Adoption Movement offers opportunity to name, adopt and commit to vote on beha

New Website Targets Undecided Pro-Lifers with Facts, Emotion, Spiritual Adoption
Movement offers opportunity to name, adopt and commit to vote on behalf of aborted babies

ATLANTA, October 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- The "Undecided Voter" is typically used to describe a person who may still cast a vote either way in an upcoming election. Such a voter is usually targeted in the weeks before the election, since they can play the definitive role in determining the outcome.

For Janice Givens, a mom and homemaker in Atlanta's northern suburb of Alpharetta, the lack of commitment to voting pro-life by those she always considered fellow pro- lifers was stunning. "As we got closer to Election Day, I found many pro-lifers - people I had known for years - were conflicted or misinformed on where the candidates stood on abortion, and therefore were still undecided or not voting to protect the unborn. I found people who I always considered pro- life wavering on the life issues because of current events and basic ignorance on what could happen if we lost this election," says Givens. "Last week, I gathered some friends together who I knew shared my discouragement and shock; we prayed for wisdom and were inspired to do something in the names of the nearly 49 million lives lost to abortion."

In less than a week, the ambitious group of six launched a movement to turn things around. Lisa Fiamingo, one of the co-founders of One Baby One Vote, states the facts, "Forty nine million babies have been aborted in the last 35 years. Twenty five million would have been old enough to vote on November 4. This movement is for them. If we can cast one vote for each of their lives, we can turn this election around."

The website, www.OneBa, is the center of the grassroots effort. Pushing a very simple, yet powerful mission, the movement's potential to have a significant impact on this election is clearly possible through the hands of committed pro-lifers. There are three steps:

1. Adopt - Spiritually adopt a baby lost to abortion. Name the baby and cast your vote on their behalf.

2. Pray - Join the companion prayer effort - Operation Consecration - a nationwide simultaneous prayer to take place on November 2nd at 3pm EST. Prayer gatherings can happen in homes, churches, open fields or community-wide events in all 50 states.

3. Inform – Through the power of word-of-mouth, share the website and resources such as the Top Ten Questions on Abortion for Undecided Voters.

For many, the most powerful aspect of the movement will be the spiritual adoption. Says Fiamingo, "When the site launched last Friday, and I adopted and named my baby Claire; it was incredibly powerful. I actually wasn't prepared for the effect the simple act of naming one of these babies would have on me. I can't imagine what it will feel like to enter the voting booth on Election Day and cast my vote in Claire's name."

In addition to the spiritual adoption and commitment to vote, the movement includes a companion prayer effort which the six friends have named, Operation Consecration. The word consecrate is a verb which means "to make or declare sacred", and the mission of Operation Consecration is to consecrate every state to God before Election Day and reclaim the nation for the values on which it was founded. People in all 50 states are asked to gather two or more together at 3:00pmET on November 2 (the traditional day of prayer on the Catholic liturgical calendar for the souls of the deceased) and say a prayer of consecration. The website recommends the consecration prayers from 2 Chronicles 7:14-16:

"If my people, humble themselves and pray, and seek my presence and turn from their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven and pardon their sins and revive their land. Now my eyes shall be open and my ears attentive to the prayer of this place. And now I have chosen and consecrated this house that my name may be there forever; my eyes and my heart also shall be there always."

The group is asking existing pro-life and faith communities to add Operation Consecration to their scheduled activities in the days before the election. A one-page planning sheet is available in the website. To download the resources, adopt your baby, or just learn more about the movement, visit or email

To schedule an interview with One Baby One Vote spokespersons Janice Givens or Lisa Fiamingo, please contact Walker or Wheeler of The Maximus Group at (678)990-9032.

Security Training: Crucial for Christians Traveling Abroad

Security Training: Crucial for Christians Traveling Abroad

NASHVILLE, October 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- After seeing a 300% increase in the number of incidents and crimes reported against Christians traveling abroad in 2005 to 2006, Fort Sherman Academy developed security training curriculum specifically designed specifically for Christians traveling abroad.

"We have seen a significant increase in the number of kidnappings, illegal detentions, carjackings, home invasions, and other violent crimes against people traveling internationally," said David Dose an authority in hostage survival and anti-terrorism training and Fort Sherman Academy's president. "These acts underscore the growing danger and the call for security training to address these specific issues."

The curriculum, appropriately titled Safe Travel Solutions, is an extension of Fort Sherman Academy's intensive weeklong live training events and contains six sessions of video training led by Dose. The curriculum is perfect for churches or individuals planning an international trip.

"As we are called to go, just staying at home to be 'safe' is not a realistic option for many of us," said Dose. "We must find innovative new ways to reasonably continue going where we are called, and that means being better prepared to travel and respond to challenges appropriately."

Ken Holden of Georgetown College now feels more comfortable after completing the training. "Traveling to Tanzania in August, I felt more prepared for my trip than ever before," he said. "The world is not a more dangerous place because I went through the training, but I became a much more informed and aware traveler."

"The vast majority of all short-term mission teams will never experience a major security crisis," said Dose. "But unfortunately, these situations are occurring more often. So we believe that it's a good precautionary step to provide training just as you would buy insurance. Not to plan for the accident, but rather to be prepared if and when it happens."

Located in northern Idaho, Fort Sherman Academy has trained over 12,000 people from over 47 government, commercial, church and mission organizations. To date over 62 of those graduates have since endured and survived incidents like those covered in Safe Travel Solutions. For more information about this topic, an article, to schedule an interview with David Dose, or order the product call 1.866.289.5505; email; or visit [website:]

Richard Viguerie: Stevens Conviction Symptomatic of Culture of Corruption in Politics

Richard Viguerie: Stevens Conviction Symptomatic of Culture of Corruption in Politics

MANASSAS, Virginia, October 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- The conviction of Senator Ted Stevens, the senior Republican in the U.S. Senate, is "just a symptom of the corruption that has infected Republicans and Democrats alike," Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of, said.

"That infection is spreading through Washington and all of American politics, from the houses of Congress to the courthouses," Viguerie said.

"Sometimes, as in the ethanol subsidy program or in the bailout of Wall Street millionaires, the level of corruption is so large that it's hard for the mind to grasp. It's like an Enron a day," he said.

Viguerie noted that Republican reformers who have stood up to the GOP establishment have been targeted for retaliation.

"Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, politicians of all stripes should understand that, since they won't take action to clean up their own houses, the American people will do it for them," he said.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Richard A. Viguerie pioneered political direct mail and has been called "one of the creators of the modern conservative movement" (The Nation magazine) and one of the "conservatives of the century" (The Washington Times). His latest book is Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big- Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause (Bonus Books), which, Jerome Corsi wrote in WorldNetDaily, is "destined to become a classic of conservative thinking" and "may be the most important conservative book written in the last quarter century."

National Priest Leader Sends Open Letter Challenging Public Servants to Know the Difference Between 'Serving the Public and Killing the Public'

National Priest Leader Sends Open Letter Challenging Public Servants to Know the Difference Between 'Serving the Public and Killing the Public'

STATEN ISLAND, Ny., October 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today issued an open letter to all "pro-choice" candidates, challenging them with specificity to examine their support for abortion.

The text of the letter follows -

An Open Letter to "Pro-choice" Candidates

October 27, 2008

Dear brothers and sisters,

In these days you are seeking the votes of your fellow Americans for public office. At the same time, you take the position that abortion, however regrettable it may be, should remain legal.

I write to express the convictions of tens of millions of citizens. Your position is a blatant contradiction to the very meaning of public service, the first requirement of which is to be able to tell the difference between serving the public and killing the public!

We ask, first of all, Have you ever seen an abortion? So many who defend abortion's legality cannot even bring themselves to look at the horrifying pictures of children torn apart by the procedure ( But if we cannot look at it, why should we tolerate it?

We likewise ask, Are you willing to publicly describe what you think should be legal? Abortionist Dr. Martin Haskell, in sworn testimony, described the "D and E" abortion procedure, still legal throughout our nation, by saying, "Typically the skull is brought out in fragments rather than as a unified piece..." (Madison, WI, May 27, 1999, Case No. 98-C-0305-S). In the same case, abortionist Dr. Hylan Raymond Giles, when asked, "Can the heart of a fetus or embryo still be beating during a suction curettage abortion as the fetus or embryo comes down the cannula?" answered, "For a few seconds to a minute, yes."

When you say the word "abortion," is this what you mean? When you say it should be legal, are you willing to quote those who explain what it is?

Your position is undermining the fabric of our nation. We repeat to you again the question posed by Mother Teresa in her speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC on February 3, 1994. "And if we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?"

We have not yet heard a "pro-choice" candidate answer any of these questions.

That's why people cannot vote for you, and you shouldn't be asking for their vote. If you can't respect and protect the life of a little baby, how are you supposed to respect and protect our lives, or any other right we possess?

When you ask someone for your vote, you are actually asking them to share in your failure to protect these children. You're asking them to share in the deception by which you justify that failure. You're asking them, too, to contradict the meaning of public service. They are not morally permitted to say yes to what you are asking.

We in the pro-life movement do not need any reminders about the plight of young mothers. We serve them every day, providing real alternatives to abortion.

Nor do we accept the accusation that we are narrowly focused on a "single issue." We are not ashamed of the fact that we recognize a holocaust when we see one, and that we understand the foundation, heart, and core of our concern for all the other issues - life itself.

We're not a vote for you to court or an interest group for you to appease. Rather, our movement represents the heart and core of every movement for justice. That is why, whether you end up elected to public office or not, we will be there - in the halls of government, in the media, and on the streets of every city, town, and countryside across America - pressing the cause of justice for a group of human beings whose rights you have forgotten.

We will neither cease to remind you, nor will we wait for you to remember. Our cause is as great as America itself, and it will prevail. May you have the wisdom to join us.


Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Priests for Life is the nation's largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit

Pastor Rattles the Cage of Religion Again: Steve Gray's Book, 'My Absurd Religion' Exposes Weakness in America's Churches

Photo: Christian Newswire

Pastor Rattles the Cage of Religion Again: Steve Gray's Book, 'My Absurd Religion' Exposes Weakness in America's Churches

KANSAS CITY, Missouri, October 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Steve Gray, the Emmy® award winning pastor banned from GodTube, has driven another nail in the coffin of what he terms "dead religion" with his new book " My Absurd Religion - By Which I Make My Living" released on October 28, 2008.

With a firm belief that "everyone deserves to experience the presence of God," Steve Gray is relentless in his fight against "my absurd religion." This pastor is not bashing gays, abortionists or politicians. "Neither John nor Jesus preached to the pagan Romans and neither do I. I'm calling on the religious leaders in America to make some big changes - quickly - before God removes his presence completely."

Gray's latest book, "My Absurd Religion - By Which I Make My Living" hits hard at the pet doctrines of American churches. "America is in crisis," he believes. "Is Religion to blame?" By exposing weaknesses in current religious thought, Gray attempts to restore Biblical Christianity to the churches of America.

Aware of the criticism he may be facing from the release of this new book, Gray defends his stance, "I am not taking wild swings at someone else's religion. I am trying to rescue my own." With over 30 years in the ministry, Gray speaks expertly to the crisis situation he believes American religion is in and offers solutions to fix the problems preventing ordinary people from experiencing God.

Banned from GodTube, The Steve & Kathy Show is another attempt by Gray to rescue the church. Winner of a 2008 Emmy® award, this faithbased variety TV show spoofs religious absurdities he believes infuriate the very people we are trying to reach. "Most people who don't go to church are not anti-God," Gray states, "they are just anti-religion. They are fed up with what religion has become."

Gray pastors World Revival Church of Kansas City, previously known as the Smithton Outpouring and reported on by TIME, Newsweek and Charisma magazines. His church received media attention for the God-events that took place during his services in the late 90's and, most recently, since May 2, 2008 when an "upsurge of God's presence" blew in and once again is attracting media attention and visitors from around the world.

Catholic Bishop John Yanta Encourages Catholics and Christians to Morally Vote Pro-Life - Bishop Yanta Available for Interviews

Catholic Bishop John Yanta Encourages Catholics and Christians to Morally Vote Pro-Life - Bishop Yanta Available for Interviews

MEDIA ADVISORY, October 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Bishop John Yanta, who resides in San Antonio, Texas has been an outspoken defender of the right to life for all persons from conception to natural death. He is a strong defender of Church teaching and encourages faithful Catholics to courageously follow the faith by living out their faith in the public arena. Bishop Yanta is available for interviews with Catholic, Christian and secular media during this final week before the elections.

Bishop Yanta is one of the Bishops in the United States who supports the denial of Holy Communion to Catholic politicians who support abortion rights in their public service, and refuse to repent of this deadly position.

In another teaching moment, Bishop Yanta courageously proclaimed the anniversary of Roe v. Wade a day of fast and abstinence in his Diocese of Amarillo, saying:

"On the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade (1973) Jan. 22 shall be observed in all dioceses of the United States as a particular day of penance for violations to the dignity of the human person committed through acts of abortion, and of prayer for the full restoration of the legal guarantee of the right to life (GIRM, no. 373).

"Therefore I, Bishop John W. Yanta, Bishop of the Diocese of Amarillo, declare Tuesday, Jan. 22 as a Day of Fast and Abstinence.

"I encourage all the people of God to attend Mass that day, pray before the Blessed Sacrament, pray the Rosary, and witness to life. . . .

"'Abortion: The intentional destruction of an unborn child; such an act is gravely contrary to the moral law and the will of the Creator' (U.S. Catholic Catechism for Adults, Glossary).

"Abortion is murder legalized by the Roe v. Wade decision of the U.S. Supreme Court Jan. 22, 1973. Pray for the overthrow and repeal of Roe v. Wade. It will happen! Prayer is the greatest power on earth! Make Jan. 22 a day of repentance and reparation. . . ."

Bishop Yanta encourages Americans to vote in solidarity with our Lord and is happy to share the Christian teachings of defending life through voting with audiences across this land.

To arrange a radio or television interview, please contact Sue Cyr at 972-602-1462 or at 214-685- 1079.

Judge Roy Moore & Foundation for Moral Law File Brief Defending Utah Highway Memorial Crosses

Judge Roy Moore & Foundation for Moral Law File Brief Defending Utah Highway Memorial Crosses

MEDIA ADVISORY, October 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and the Foundation for Moral Law, a religious liberties legal organization in Montgomery, Alabama, filed a legal brief in the case of American Atheists v. Duncan, a Utah case involving crosses placed along highways as part of a memorial to state highway patrolmen killed in the line of duty.

Judge Moore stated,

"The Utah Highway Patrol Association, and the loved ones of these fallen heroes, are entitled to commemorate these troopers by placing a cross on the side of the highway and they shouldn't have to deny their beliefs and respect for their loved ones simply because the American Atheists don't like it."

Beginning in the late 1990's, the Utah Highway Patrol Association, with permission from the Utah Department of Transportation, began erecting 12-foot steel crosses to memorialize patrol officers at the site where the trooper died or was mortally wounded. The American Atheists, Inc., and several other plaintiffs filed a lawsuit in federal district court, arguing that the memorials violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment because they constitute a religious symbol and are offensive to some who view them. The federal district court ruled that the memorials do not violate the Constitution because the cross, while a religious symbol for some, also carries the message of commemoration of someone's death. The American Atheists appealed the decision to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Foundation's brief argues that the First Amendment must be interpreted according to its plain meaning as understood by its Framers. James Madison and the Virginia Constitution of 1776 defined religion as "The duty which we owe to our Creator, and the manner of discharging it." Under that definition, a simple memorial cross on the side of a highway cannot possibly be called a religion. Furthermore, the Foundation argues, an "establishment" of religion was understood by the Framers to mean the founding or recognition of one church as the official state church or granting special favors and advantages to that church. Again, using that definition, the placement of a memorial cross by a highway cannot be considered an "establishment of religion." The offended feelings of a few traveling atheists should not trump the desire of the majority of Utahans who wish to honor their fallen state troopers.

To find out more about the Foundation for Moral Law, please visit

Pray Online for Family Values, John McCain, Sarah Palin and America at

Pray Online for Family Values, John McCain, Sarah Palin and America at

MEDIA ADVISORY, October 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new prayer website is bringing Christians together for a daily prayer meeting for America at Hundreds have prayed in the first ten days and the numbers are growing.

"Pray Daily America is a modern and effective way for Christians to pray across America for this important election", says prayer host Steve Krotoski. Every day there is a new prayer video and there are plans for live prayer and fasting broadcasts during the election. In addition, at you can sign up for the featured daily prayer email, as well as, pray and add your prayer to the online "Prayerbook for America".

"God is answering our prayers - prayer is powerful", adds Krotoski who is the author of "The Kingdom: Experiencing Heaven on Earth" ( Steve's pastor's heart is seen at as he has pastored previously and often prays for God to strengthen those praying.

Topics have included: to rededicate America back to God, to strengthen those fighting for traditional marriage, for Sarah Palin to be bold as a lion and for America to humbly repent so God can heal America. "We pray for those who more closely follow God's ways to be in leadership - especially in honoring all humans (pro-life), traditional marriage and family values. That is why we pray for John McCain and Sarah Palin", says Krotoski.

"God is good; He forgives us, but we must come to Him according to Scripture, as we see in 2 Chronicles 7:14", says Krotoski. He adds, "We look forward to you joining America in prayer and signing up for the daily prayer email at"

ACLU Monitoring Unconstitutional Guantánamo Military Commission Trial This Week

ACLU Monitoring Unconstitutional Guantánamo Military Commission Trial This Week

GUANTÁNAMO BAY, Cuba/October 27, 2008/ The American Civil Liberties Union is at Guantánamo to monitor the military commission trial of Ali Hamza al-Bahlul scheduled to begin today. The ACLU has been present as an independent observer at nearly every military commission hearing since 2004 and continues to see no indication that the proceedings are fair, impartial or in accordance with constitutional principles.

"Clearly something is fundamentally wrong with a system that admits evidence obtained through torture, employs ad hoc rules that are made up on the fly and lacks meaningful constitutional protections," said Jamil Dakwar, Director of the ACLU Human Rights Program who is observing al-Bahlul's proceedings. "America deserves better than a system that is so incompatible with universal notions of fairness and justice."

Tainted by political interference, the proceedings have been riddled with ethical and legal problems from day one. Among other things, the proceedings allow the admission of secret evidence, hearsay and evidence obtained through torture. The Bush administration has admitted that at least three detainees in its custody have been subjected to waterboarding. Currently, 253 detainees classified as "alien unlawful enemy combatants" remain in U.S. custody and only 25 have been charged before this flawed military commission system.

Al-Bahlul, a Yemeni national, was first tried in the original military commissions. After they were struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court as unconstitutional, he was charged in the new system after Congress passed the Military Commissions Act in 2006. Al-Bahlul is alleged to be Osama bin Laden's communications director and is charged with conspiracy to commit war crimes, solicitation and material support to terrorism. In August, al-Bahlul refused to accept military defense counsel and he continues to represent himself in the current proceedings.

"These commissions don't even resemble a legitimate justice system – they have become a farce in the eyes of the world," said Dakwar. "There is absolutely no reason to continue this sham a single day longer."

The ACLU is one of four organizations that have been granted status as human rights observers at the military commission proceedings. In addition to monitoring the commissions, the ACLU has repeatedly called on Congress and the Bush administration to shut down the U.S. detention facility at Guantánamo Bay.

In May 2007, the ACLU endorsed legislation introduced by Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) that would close the Guantánamo facility and end the practice of indefinite detention. It would also provide a push for the government to finally charge the Guantánamo detainees, some of whom have been held without charge for over six years.

Dakwar will post a series of blogs containing his comments and observations from the hearings on the ACLU's Blog of Rights, which can be found at:

Additional information about the ACLU's work related to the detention of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay can be found online at:

Obama Desecrates the Great Seal of the United States

Obama Desecrates the Great Seal of the United States

OPINION, October 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Senator Obama's web site contains a subliminal visual image that radically alters the Great Seal of the United States, and superimposes his logo over the symbol of the flag.

The Great Seal of the United States dates back to 1782 and is the official coat of arms of the United States. It appears on the back of every dollar bill. You can see it here.

Senator Obama's Great Seal, which appears subtly in the background as his website loads, is fundamentally different. You can see Obama's Great Seal here.

Here are some of the differences.

- The Great Seal of the U.S. features a bald eagle in repose, clutching an olive branch and arrows. The image is strong, confident, symmetrical and centered.

Obama's Great Seal features a bald eagle in panicky flight, racing off screen. The image is off-kilter, chaotic and in motion.

- The U.S. eagle faces forward. Obama's eagle faces backwards, turning away from the viewer in its hasty retreat.

- The U.S. eagle clutches an olive branch in one talon and a set of arrows in the other. It turns towards the olive branch, signifying America's preference for peace but readiness for war.

Obama's eagle drops the olive branch, whose leaves scatter as it flies away. Only one arrow remains. It pierces the center of the eagle's shield.

- The U.S. Seal features a shield emblazoned in the eagle's center, symbolizing the American flag.

Obama's flag shield is off-balance, tilting beneath the retreating eagle. The flag shield is no longer the dominant visual motif. It has been superseded by the Obama logo of the rising sun.

- The overall visual effect of the Great Seal of the United States is one of power, confidence and a nation at ease with its own identity.

The overall effect of Obama's Great Seal is of confusion, disarray, and a New World Order arising from Obama's ascending sun. The tilted lines of the shield subtly suggest the famous images of the steel girder ruins of the World Trade Center. It is as if Obama's sun is rising over the wreckage, heralding the flight of the American eagle and a new era of radical upheaval.

Obama has made a practice of tampering with and disrespecting American symbols. He designed his own Presidential seal, painted over the American flag on his campaign jet and replaced it with his logo, and left thousands of American flags in the trash after the Democratic convention.

Pamela Geller
516 426 7630

40 Million Homes in 4 Years for Fast-Growing Gospel Music Channel

40 Million Homes in 4 Years for Fast-Growing Gospel Music Channel

Four Years and 40 Million Homes: Gospel Music Channel Celebrates 4th Birthday

MEDIA ADVISORY, October 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Gospel Music Channel (GMC) television network debuted four years ago this week (Oct. 30, 2004) as a small, independent start-up cable channel with only several thousand homes able to see it. Since then, the nation's first and only 24/7 all gospel/Christian music channel has taken the country by storm and become one of the fastest-growing networks in television history. Among Gospel Music Channel's successes and highlights

-- GMC is now in more than 40 million homes around the country, carried by every major cable operator -- including Comcast, Time Warner, Cox & Charter - - seen in all major markets and nationwide on DIRECTV Channel 338.

-- GMC's web site,, has become the leading site among all gospel/Christian music web sites, posting a whopping 300% gain in usage and more than doubling unique visitors.

-- GMC Video-On-Demand offerings are among the most popular among all cable subscribers.

-- GMC brings together the most ethnically-diverse viewership on television: 44% Caucasians, 41% African Americans, 15% Latinos/others.

-- The diversity of GMC's viewers has attracted such major advertising partners as Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Lincoln Mercury, General Motors, Hershey, Tyson Foods, Unilever, Wal-Mart, Allstate, Royal Caribbean, Hallmark Stores, Sears, H&R Block and others.

-- GMC has become the largest producer of original gospel/Christian music television in the world, producing more than 250 hours of concerts, series, specials and video, producing all new content in High Definition. GMC has also become home to the two most-prestigious award shows in gospel/Christian music: The GMA Dove Awards and The Stellar Awards.

-- GMC has consistently performed extremely well in research and surveys, proving that people who have GMC watch it and love it and people who don't have it, want it. In the most recent research report, viewers ranked GMC #1 in satisfaction and #1 in overall enjoyment of cable television among all video music networks while placing in the top eight among all channels in the same two categories. GMC also ranked as the #1 emerging or mid-size network in an annual survey of cable operators and #1 in "audience attentiveness to advertising" and #1 in "feeling comfortable viewing with family" in a recent major advertising industry research report.

-- GMC's growth and popularity have made it a powerful marketing partner for the gospel/Christian music industry in helping drive sales for new albums, products, artist tours and more.

"It is very gratifying and humbling that our vision to provide family-friendly entertainment programming with strong Christian values is being embraced on so many levels. We look forward to continued growth and success in the months ahead and pledge to our loyal viewers and users that we will continue to deliver the very best that gospel/Christian music has to offer," said Charles Humbard, founder and president of Gospel Music Channel and former president of Discovery Digital Networks. Humbard founded Gospel Music Channel and launched the network with network Vice Chairman Brad Siegel, the former head of TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network and Turner Classic Movies. "We are thrilled with our growth and look forward to driving our family-safe music television to even further heights," said Siegel.

GMC offers uplifting and inspiring programming and something Americans are craving at one of the most perilous moments of our generation: Hope. If the number of people needing Hope and Inspiration in our country is any barometer, then Gospel Music Channel’s growth potential has no end in sight.

Short Stories Delve into Mysterious, Unexplained Portions of Scripture

Short Stories Delve into Mysterious, Unexplained Portions of Scripture

ENUMCLAW, Wash., October 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Imagine yourself as a Roman soldier, ordered to crucify a man named Jesus. What thoughts would course through your mind as you carried out your grisly duties?

Author L.E. Azer explores one soldier's inner turmoil in "The Crucifier," one of two short stories in his new book, "The Crucifier & In The Beginning."

"All the movies I have seen about the crucifixion of our Lord leave out interesting facts. I was particularly intrigued by the words of the Roman officer who declared a poor Jew as 'the Son of God'."

Azer writes from the viewpoint of a soldier, chronicling the way in which the soldier begins to seek the truth about the One he is helping crucify.

Azer's second story, "In the Beginning," weaves a fictitious account of creation. The story is set in Astaria, a boundless dimension without beginning or end, where light prevails and shadows never exist.

"My goal is to help people better understand the heart and mind of God," he says. "If scientists can fantasize the theory of evolution, I can use Biblical knowledge to logically explain the existence of dinosaurs and the ice age."

To order a copy visit or call 877-421-7323. For a review copy or to schedule an interview, please contact Abigail Davidson at 360-802-9758 or

Vierte Tarifrunde für Zeitungsredaktionen - Verleger verringern eigenes Angebot

Vierte Tarifrunde für Zeitungsredaktionen - Verleger verringern eigenes Angebot

Berlin. (red). 28. Oktober 2008. In der vierten Verhandlungsrunde für die rund 15.000 Redakteurinnen und Redakteure an Tageszeitungen wie für Freie Journalisten hat der Bundesverband Deutscher Zeitungsverleger (BDZV) seine bereits angebotenen linearen Erhöhungen vom 7. Oktober wieder verringert. Die Verleger boten lediglich noch 2,2 Prozent ab 2008 und 1,5 Prozent für ein zweites Jahr an. Die von der Deutschen Journalistinnen- und Journalisten-Union (dju) in ver.di geforderte Einbeziehung von Onlineredakteurinnen und -redakteuren in den Geltungsbereich des
Tarifvertrages wollen die Verleger vertagen und vorerst nicht erfüllen. Vor der Verhandlung gab es in den letzten Tagen Warnstreiks in mehreren Bundesländern.

Die Verhandlungen wurden nach etwa viereinhalb Stunden ohne Ergebnis auf den 10. November 2008 voraussichtlich in Hamburg vertagt.

"Die Verleger wollen den Reallohnverlust für Zeitungsjournalisten aus den Vorjahren fortsetzen. Das wird von uns nicht akzeptiert", erklärte ver.di-Verhandlungsführer Frank Werneke. "Es ist nicht einzusehen, dass die Journalisten der Tageszeitungen angesichts gestiegener Anforderungen von der allgemeinen Einkommensentwicklung
abgekoppelt werden."

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Solution for Professional Church Music Accompaniment is Introduced by American Music Solutions

Photo: Christian Newswire
New Solution for Professional Church Music Accompaniment is Introduced by American Music Solutions

The Easy-to-Use Gulbransen Digital Hymnal is the Affordable Answer for the Musician Challenged Church

DUBUQUE, IA, October 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- American Music Solutions today announced the introduction of the new and improved version of the Gulbransen Digital Hymnal. The new Digital Hymnal DH200-AMS incorporates the latest in CompactFlash card technology, enabling users to download standard MIDI, MP3 and WAV files to further expand the unit’s vast software library capabilities.

The Gulbransen Digital Hymnal is unique in the marketplace. It provides an easy-to-use, affordable, music accompaniment solution for churches of all sizes, plus schools, camps, missionaries, chaplains and nursing homes with a flexible, four pound portable solution. "The reaction to the new Gulbransen Digital Hymnal has been overwhelming, undoubtedly due to the increased needs of churches and faith based institutions who are musician challenged. When you factor in the versatility and affordability, it's easy to see why there is such interest in the Digital Hymnal," said Bob Grace, Vice-President of American Music Solutions, LLC. "Our customers span all denominations and include small and large churches, plus military chaplains and traveling pastors with multiple church assignments. Since the Digital Hymnal can be operated with electricity or with the included rechargeable battery, buyers use the Digital Hymnal for everything from indoor worship, outdoor memorial services or weddings, graduations and even Christmas caroling. They can also be found aboard US Navy ships and aircraft carriers and on the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan. We are very proud and humbled by that."

In addition to CompactFlash technology, the new DH200-AMS has an updateable operating system that will easily enable planned future upgrades and new features. The Gulbransen Digital Hymnal already contains thousands of traditional hymns, choruses, children's' songs and praise music already built into its internal memory. These songs can be played back using thousands of musical styles and orchestrations with nearly one hundred and fifty different instrumental sounds. The Digital Hymnal even includes a rhythm section for more contemporary selections. About the size of a three ring binder, the Digital Hymnal is completely self-contained, lightweight and portable with full remote capabilities. The Digital Hymnal has built-in speakers and can also be easily plugged into an external amplified PA system.

About American Music Solutions
American Music Solutions is a web based wholesale and retail distributor of electronic music products, PA Systems, portable keyboards and microphones. Our mission is to be a 'one-stop' solution for all churches and faith based institutions. Company principals have a combined church music and retail experience of over 50 years. American Music Solutions prides itself in taking customer service very seriously and features the only lowest price guarantee in the industry.

Bob Grace
Vice-President, Marketing and Sales
American Music Solutions, LLC
Phone 1-866-514-6874
Web Address:

American Family Association and GodTube Stream Christian Feature Film - It's Free (for a Week) and It's a Hit

American Family Association and GodTube Stream Christian Feature Film - It's Free (for a Week) and It's a Hit

MEDIA ADVISORY, October 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Come What May," a brand new pro-life/pro-family movie is making waves on four fronts: 1. It's the first full-length movie streamed on AFA and GodTube. 2. It's the first independent Christian movie that shows how the U.S. Supreme Court could overturn Roe vs. Wade. 3. It's the first feature film made by homeschoolers coming out of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival movement. 4. It's the first release by Advent Film Group (AFG) to help voters understand the life and death issues at stake this November 4th.

Comments on GodTube's "Come What May" group site include: "Fabulous, well done, and a powerful message. MUST SEE DVD! " "What an awesome job! Must see for everyone" "This is a must buy for every Christian."

From the UK: "Absolutely Amazing! Finally a great story line to include character and purity I look forward to showing my family."

Voters nationwide are starting to respond to the "silent" issue of the November race: abortion and who the new president will appoint to sit on the bench at the U.S. Supreme Court. Already over 250,000 viewers have gone to GodTube ( and the American Family Association ( web sites, which are hosting the screenings of AFG's inaugural film for a weeklong run, starting Monday, October 27. Viewers can learn more at:

COME WHAT MAY (CWM) tackles the contentious issue of reversing Roe head-on. "This film could be a tipping point in this dramatic battle of Good vs. Evil in your and my lifetime," explains Kurt Ramspott, founder of Guys For Life. "It is a 'must see' that will spur you onto action!"

Email blast to over 3.5 million people began this weekend, asking voters to watch the free online screening before casting their ballots. Over 200 AFR stations ( are running stories and promos about the free online screenings.

"This election isn't just about pocketbook issues," implores George Escobar, AFG founder and co-director/producer of COME WHAT MAY. "This election is also about life OR death for millions of future Americans yet unborn," Escobar clarifies.

The controversial film is a 2008 Redemptive Storyteller Award winner. It has received rave reviews from preview audiences nationwide, Six distributors are vying for CWM, including the distributor of the new Christian blockbuster, FIREPROOF.

About AFG
Advent Film Group was founded to shape culture for Christ and to train the next generation of Christian filmmakers. See the movie at

Boycott NYT: Media Bias Reached New Lows in 2008 Campaign

Boycott NYT: Media Bias Reached New Lows in 2008 Campaign

WASHINGTON, Today /Christian Newswire/ -- On the release of an October 22 Pew Research Center survey that found 70% of Americans think the media favors Senator Obama over Senator McCain, Boycott The New York Times editor Don Feder noted that media bias reached new lows in this election.

"As bad as The New York Times has been before, it's nothing compared to the way the paper has managed, manipulated and mangled coverage of the 2008 campaign," Feder observed. "Not a day goes by that The Times doesn't misrepresent John McCain, ridicule Sarah Palin, refuse to report a revelation that reflects badly on the Obama-Biden campaign, or rationalize Obama's radical past."

The Pew study found that only 9% of voters think the media favors John McCain, in contrast to 70% who believe journalists favor Barack Obama. At this point in the 2004 campaign, a Pew survey found that 50% of Americans thought the press favored John Kerry, compared with 22% who thought it preferred George W. Bush.

A study of media coverage of the candidates in the six weeks following the nominating conventions, by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, showed four times as many negative stories about McCain as about Obama.

Feder further notes that according to a Rasmussen report earlier this year, only 24% of Americans have a favorable opinion of The New York Times, "making the paper almost as popular as trial lawyers."

Feder calls Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal's recent claim - in a speech to the Association of National Advertisers - that the paper aims to ensure opinion and news are kept separate - "stand-up comedy at its most hilarious."

Feder's commentary at is available here.

About Boycott The New York Times:
Boycott The New York Times is a project of Accuracy in Media (AIM), the nation's oldest media watchdog group. AIM, founded in 1969, is dedicated to correcting media inaccuracies and one-sided news coverage. For more information, please visit and

About Don Feder:
Don Feder is the editor of Boycott The New York Times. A former Boston Herald editorial writer and syndicated political columnist, Feder has appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor," "Hannity and Colmes," "The 700 Club," and "Fox & Friends."

To arrange an interview with Don Feder, contact Sarah Schaerr Norton at (202) 364- 4401 ext. 107 or

Wahlcomputer sind manipulierbar

Wahlcomputer sind manipulierbar

Berlin. (red). 29. Oktober 2008. "Ein fundamentales Prinzip der Demokratie ist die Öffentlichkeit und die Kontrolle des gesamten Ablaufs von Wahlen. Beim Einsatz von Wahlcomputern werden jedoch wesentliche Schritte des Wahlablaufs in das Innere eines Geräts verlegt und damit der öffentlichen Kontrolle entzogen", erklärte Jan Korte anlässlich der Verhandlung zum Einsatz von Wahlcomputern vor dem Bundesverfassungsgericht.

Der Innenpolitiker der Fraktion DIE LINKE weiter:

"Entgegen anderslautender Beteuerungen in der Vergangenheit wurde heute in Karlsruhe einmal mehr deutlich, dass es einen Schutz vor Manipulationen von Wahlcomputern nicht geben kann. Dennoch beharrt der SPD-Bundestagsabgeordnete Carl-Christian Dressel darauf, dass die eingesetzten Geräte zuverlässig seien. Diese Auffassung ist gefährlich und naiv zugleich angesichts der nachgewiesenen Pannen in den Niederlanden und den USA. Unfassbar ist auch, dass von der Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt (PTB), die für die Überprüfung der Wahlcomputer verantwortlich zeichnet, lediglich die Hardware eines Mustergeräts getestet wird, nicht jedoch weder verwendete Software noch alle eingesetzten Geräte.

Ich fordere die Bundesregierung daher auf, von der Nutzung von Wahlcomputern zu den Europa- und Bundestagswahlen 2009 abzusehen und das Demokratieprinzip zu wahren. Die Zulassung der in Deutschland noch immer eingesetzten unsicheren NEDAP-Wahlcomputer muss sofort zurückgezogen, Paragraf 35 des Bundeswahlgesetzes, der die Stimmabgabe mit Wahlgeräten erlaubt, ersatzlos gestrichen werden. Einen entsprechenden Antrag (BT-Drs. 16/5810) hatte DIE LINKE bereits im Juni 2007 in den Bundestag eingebracht. Er wurde mit den Stimmen der Großen Koalition im federführenden Innenausschuss abgelehnt."

Obama Likens U.S. to Nazi Germany

Obama Likens U.S. to Nazi Germany

OPINION, October 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- In a radio interview in 2001, Barack Obama likened the United States to Nazi Germany. The shocking statement was made in the same interview in which he lamented the "great tragedy" that the courts could not spread wealth through "redistributive change."

The web site Little Green Footballs broke the scoop that Obama compares the "doctrines of Nazism... to what we have going on, back here at home." The remark came during a discussion of the United States at the time of Brown vs. The Board of Education.

Obama said, "...just to take a, sort of a realist perspective…there's a lot of change going on outside of the Court, um, that, that judges essentially have to take judicial notice of. I mean you've got World War II, you've got uh, uh, uh, the doctrines of Nazism, that, that we are fighting against, that start looking uncomfortably similar to what we have going on, back here at home."

Senator Obama did not offer his critique of Nazism in July, when he spoke in Berlin to 200,000 cheering Germans in front of Hitler's Victory Column. Instead, he criticized America for actions that "have not lived up to our best intentions."

The audio can be found here, listed as January 18, 2001, The Court and Civil Rights.

Quaker organization posts English translation of U.S.-Iraq military agreement

Quaker organization posts English translation of U.S.-Iraq military agreement

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 21,29 2008/ The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), an international peace and social justice organization, has posted the first public English translation of the latest status of forces agreement between the U.S and Iraqi administrations on its web site,

If ratified in Iraq, the agreement would permit U.S. troops to remain the country once the United Nations mandate ends this year and may begin the process of establishing permanent U.S. military bases there.

The Arabic-language version of this document appeared in a major daily newspaper, Al-Sabah Al-Jadeed, today.

"This agreement could further entrench the U.S. military in Iraq," says Raed Jarrar, the AFSC Iraq consultant who translated the agreement based on a leaked Arabic version. "It cannot be negotiated behind closed doors. The public, Congress, and the Iraqi Parliament should be informed and weigh in before we set a direction for the future."

The AFSC has sponsored visits to the U.S. Capitol by Iraqi Parliamentarians so the two legislative bodies could exchange views about the future of their countries. Many Parliamentarians and members of Congress have stated their opposition to an agreement that keeps U.S. forces in Iraq.

At the end of 2008, the current U.N. mandate allowing the United States military presence in Iraq expires. Instead of seeking another, the Bush administration has been negotiating a bilateral 'status of forces' agreement with the Iraqi executive branch.

Members of the U.S. and Iraq executive branches have worked to define what will happen with the U.S. troops, but neither government has commented on the agreement's details to the public.

In addition to legislators' opposition, a large part of the Iraqi public have voiced opposition to signing this agreement. Three days ago, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis demonstrated in the streets of Baghdad, asking for a complete withdrawal of U.S. troops and opposing any long-term agreements with the United States.

# # #

The American Friends Service Committee is a Quaker organization that includes people of various faiths who are committed to social justice, peace and humanitarian service. Its work is based on the belief in the worth of every person and faith in the power of love to overcome violence and injustice.

89 Catholic Bishops Speak Out: In This Election, Abortion is the Defining Issue

89 Catholic Bishops Speak Out: In This Election, Abortion is the Defining Issue

DALLAS, October 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- "As Election Day nears, more and more U.S. Catholic bishops - 89, at latest count - are proclaiming that in this election, Catholic voters must make abortion their defining issue," says Sue Cyr, head of the Ad Hoc Committee in Support of Our Bishops. "That means not voting for pro-aborts."

"All Catholics need to hear these bishops' voices," says Mrs. Cyr, "especially those whose favorite candidates are pro-abortion. They need to listen to the following bishops. We've provided the bishops' contact data for the convenience of the news media."

1) Archbishop Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, the Vatican: "Catholics who support pro-abortion candidates participate in a grave evil. They must show a change of heart and be sacramentally reconciled or refrain from receiving Holy Communion."

"At this point the Democratic Party risks transforming itself definitely into a 'party of death.'"
Office telephone:

2) Bishop Robert Hermann, Administrator, Archdiocese of St. Louis: "Save our children! How can a so-called good Catholic vote for a candidate that supports laws that take the life of innocent children, when there is an alternative?... Save our children! How can a so-called good Catholic vote for a candidate that supports laws that justify the killing of a child that survived a botched abortion? How can such a so-called good Catholic receive the Holy Eucharist?" (column, Oct. 10, 2008)
Archdiocese: 314.633.2222 or 314.792.7000

3) Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas, Bishop Kevin Vann of Fort Worth: "...there are no 'truly grave moral' or 'proportionate' reasons, singularly or combined, that could outweigh the millions of innocent human lives that are directly killed by legal abortion each year. To vote for a candidate who supports the intrinsic evil of abortion or 'abortion rights' when there is a morally acceptable alternative would be to cooperate in the evil -- and, therefore, morally impermissible."
Diocese of Dallas: (214) 528-2240
Diocese of Fort Worth: (817) 560-3300

4) Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., of Denver: "In the United States in 2008, abortion is an acceptable form of homicide... If you vote this way [for a candidate who supports or promotes abortion], are you cooperating in evil? And if you know you are cooperating in evil, should you go to confession? The answer is yes."

"So I think that people who claim that the abortion struggle is 'lost' as a matter of law, or that supporting an outspoken defender of legal abortion is somehow 'pro-life,' are not just wrong; they're betraying the witness of every person who continues the work of defending the unborn child. And I hope they know how to explain that, because someday they'll be required to."
Archbishop's office: 303-715- 3129

5) Bishop Rene H. Gracida, retired bishop of Corpus Christi: "This is Bishop Rene H. Gracida, reminding all Catholics that they must vote in this election with an informed conscience. A Catholic cannot be said to have voted in this election with a good conscience if they have voted for a pro-abortion candidate. Barack Hussein Obama is a pro-abortion candidate." (radio ad, Oct. 2008)) (Download radio spot in English and Spanish at

6) Kansas Catholic Conference of Bishops: "[I]t is a correct judgment of conscience that we would commit moral evil if we were to vote for a candidate who takes a permissive stand on those actions that are intrinsically evil when there is a morally-acceptable alternative." Office: 913-722-6633

7) Archbishop John J. Myers of Newark, N.J.: "Certainly policies on welfare, national security, the war in Iraq, Social Security or taxes, taken singly or in any combination, do not provide a proportionate reason to vote for a pro- abortion candidate."
Archdiocesan Communications: (973) 497-4190

8) Bishop Robert W. Finn, Diocese of Kansas City- St. Joseph: "But, again and again, I am asked, 'Can a Catholic vote for the candidate who is perhaps the most extreme in favor of abortion, even if they promote other policies which we judge to be good?'...

When a candidate supports ready access to abortion on demand, they are inviting Catholics to put aside their conscience on this life and death issue. Such a candidate is inviting conscientious Catholics to look elsewhere for moral leadership." gif=news.gif&mode=view&issue=20081017 &article_id=5325
Diocese: Phone: 816.756.1850 | Toll-Free: 800.246.1850

9) Cardinal Edward Egan of New York City: "Do me a favor. Look at the photograph [of a 20- week preborn baby] again. Look and decide with honesty and decency what the Lord expects of you and me as the horror of 'legalized' abortion continues to erode the honor of our nation. Look, and do not absolve yourself if you refuse to act."
Archdiocesan Media Relations: 1-212-371-1011 Ext. 2990

10) Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics (A Statement by the Catholic Bishops of the United States, 1998):

Any politics of human dignity must seriously address issues of racism, poverty, hunger, employment, education, housing, and health care...But being 'right' in such matters can never excuse a wrong choice regarding direct attacks on innocent human life. Indeed, the failure to protect and defend life in its most vulnerable stages renders suspect any claims to the 'rightness' of positions in other matters affecting the poorest and least powerful of the human community. (sec. 23) -

11) Bishop Robert F. Vasa of the Diocese of Baker, Ore.: "When we have someone who [supports legal abortion] then the other issues, in many ways, do not matter because they are already wrong on that absolutely fundamental issue."
Diocese: 541-388-4004

12) Bishop Joseph Martino, Diocese of Scranton, Pa.: "No social issue has caused the death of 50 million people [as abortion has]. This is madness, people." (to parish forum)

"Our Lord, Jesus Christ, does not ask us to... take up his Cross only to have us leave it at the voting booth door... Let us continue to speak the language of love and affirm the right of every human being to have the value of his or her life, from conception to natural death, respected to the highest degree." (pastoral letter, Respect Life Sunday, 2008)
Scranton Diocesan Chancery: 570-207- 2238

Mrs. Cyr says, "This election presents a stark contrast between a pro-life candidate and one who is the most pro-abortion Presidential candidate in American history. Barack Obama has pledged that his first act as President would be to sign a bill that would undo all the pro-life legislative protections for abortion-targeted preborn babies that pro-lifers have gained in the last 35 years."

"Barack Obama," she continues, "has also promised to appoint only pro-abortion nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court. That would entrench abortion on demand for another whole generation. That would be a disaster for our country and a death sentence for millions more innocent babies."