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Former National Operation Rescue Leaders Publicly Support Operation Rescue Director Troy Newman After Randall Terry Files Unbiblical Lawsuit

Former National Operation Rescue Leaders Publicly Support Operation Rescue Director Troy Newman After Randall Terry Files Unbiblical Lawsuit

MEDIA ADVISORY, May 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- The men and women listed below were prominent national leaders of Operation Rescue during the period of Randall Terry's involvement in the organization.

They are stunned and angered by Mr. Terry's public attacks against the excellent work of Troy Newman and Operation Rescue in Wichita, Kansas, especially in the face of Mr. Terry abandoning Operation Rescue leadership over 15 years ago.

They felt Mr. Terry's vindictive and unchristian actions along with the harmful impact on the great work of Operation Rescue demanded this strong public response.

The former leaders have long disassociated from Randall Terry after his repeated refusal to submit to biblical restoration and oversight and Mr. Terry's continued negative lifestyle choices. These leaders can no longer work with Mr. Terry on any public projects.

Some of Mr. Terry's unbiblical lifestyle decisions include:

Misstatements and deception to donors about his financial situation.
Misuse and lack of accountability with respect to hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from the pro-life community.
Improper and immoral relationships.

The Operation Rescue leaders are praying that Randall Terry repents and seeks God's help for spiritual restoration, healing of shattered and broken relationships and restitution of all ill-gained funds. They are also willing to sit down with Mr. Terry and other Christian leaders, in a biblical fashion, for prayer and to discuss their concerns.

Jeff White, former National Tactical Director with Operation Rescue, states, "It is with grief and brokenness that we send out this statement. For years, many have prayed and counseled with our brother Randall Terry as he continued in a sinful and manipulative lifestyle. Sadly, he has rejected all counsel and guidance from many Operation Rescue national leaders and chose a self-centered life narrative.

"Throughout this time, we have chosen to remain silent in hopes that somehow Randall would find his internal spiritual bearings and return back to a life of integrity and purpose. However, this is not the case.

"We now feel compelled to speak up because Randall's actions are hurting the work of Troy Newman and Operation Rescue in their efforts to see George Tiller end his barbaric abortion practices in Wichita, Kansas. Additionally, we can no longer remain silent while Mr. Terry continues to fleece unsuspecting pro-life people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars for his personal and selfish gain."

A partial list of the Operation Rescue leaders who, with great sadness, have signed this statement include:

Rev. Keith Tucci, former National Director
Rev. Joseph Foreman, former acting National Director
Rev. Patrick Mahoney, former National Media Director
Jeff White, former National Tactical Director
Susan Peters, former National Spokesperson
Ken Reed, former Regional Director
Katie Mahoney, former Spokesperson
Rev. Joseph Slovenec, former national leadership team
Cheryl Conrad, former regional leader

For more information or interviews contact: Jeff White at 909.744.4479

Unique New Book Offers Real Stories of Those Changed by Abortion

Unique New Book Offers Real Stories of Those Changed by Abortion
Michaelene Fredenburg's "Changed: Making Sense of Your Own or a Loved One's Abortion Experience" Now Available

SAN DIEGO, Calif., May 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- Their stories draw you in, and their voices speak of familiar expectations, confusion, and grief. They are husbands and boyfriends, parents and grandparents, friends — and each has wrestled with the difficult decision to end a pregnancy. But ultimately, the real people who share their abortion experiences in Michaelene Fredenburg's new book Changed: Making Sense of Your Own or a Loved One's Abortion Experience offer readers the hope that comes with the kind of frank, compassionate, and open dialogue people should have about this most sensitive of topics.

Changed: Making Sense of Your Own or a Loved One's Abortion Experience, is designed as a handbook for beginning healing. The first half of the book, titled "Voices", features the true stories of those whose lives have been touched by abortion. For the men and women who have experienced abortion, the stories communicate that they are not alone. For those who haven't had an abortion, these stories are an invitation to listen and empathize with experiences and emotions that are rarely talked about. The remainder of the book, "Healing Pathways", is dedicated to equipping readers with therapeutic tools to begin to explore the range of emotions and reactions many feel after an abortion experience.

"This book is close to my heart, because I've been there," says author Michaelene Fredenburg. Fredenburg, whose story opens Changed, had an abortion at 18, and struggled for years afterward with unexpected emotions and self- destructive behavior. Only when she revealed her long- kept secret did she understand that she was not alone in her grief: "I slowly became aware of how my choice to abort had impacted my family...I was surprised and saddened that my parents, my sister, and even my children struggled to deal with the loss of a family member through abortion."

That realization compelled Michaelene to launch a unique nationwide outreach, Abortion Changes You(TM), that aims to help not only those who’ve had an abortion, but also those who love them. The outreach uses dynamic resources, including the book Changed (, an interactive Web site (, various multimedia tools and resources (available at, and connections to local counseling resources, including after abortion healing resources.

More than one out of every three women will have had an abortion by age 45. Partners, family members, and friends can also be affected by a loved one's decision to abort. It is rare not to know someone who has been touched by abortion.

"You are not alone," Fredenburg tells readers of "Changed", adding the invitation that "this book is a safe place to begin." After exploring the stories of others, readers can begin the healing process in a series of guided chapters, including journaling their own story; identifying and building personal and professional support networks; exploring their emotions, identifying losses, and recognizing unhealthy behaviors.

"Everyone works through the healing process differently and at their own pace," says Michaelene "Whether the abortion happened recently, or years ago, there is always hope." With this unique and powerful, 275-page book — filled with authentic experiences and comforting resources — anyone changed by an abortion can begin taking the purposeful steps to wholeness and peace.

To schedule an interview with Michaelene and/or to request a review copy of "Changed: Making Sense of Your Own or a Loved One's Abortion Experience", contact Ashley Walker (678) 990-9032 or Christine Schicker (404) 610-8871 of The Maximus Group.

"Changed: Making Sense of Your Own or a Loved One's Abortion Experience" By Michaelene Fredenburg
Life Perspectives
ISBN 978-0-9800633- 0-1
To order, call 1(877) 325-HEAL or visit

Bishop McBath Teaches How to Live AT Rather Than Strive FOR the Next Level in Life

Bishop McBath Teaches How to Live AT Rather Than Strive FOR the Next Level in Life

MEDIA ADVISORY, May 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- How easy it is to fall prey to the idea that we must always be striving to reach some elusive "next level" in life. What we long for-in our homes, relationships, careers, and even our spiritual lives-can seem constantly just beyond our reach, and we can end up frustrated much of the time. B. Courtney McBath aims to turn our view of fulfillment inside out and to give us a new perspective on the Next Level in his new title, LIVING @ THE NEXT LEVEL.

"Once we choose friendship with God," McBath writes, "our fulfillment isn't a matter of getting to some new level in life. When we enter that friendship, we arrive. Friendship with God is the Next Level. Once we 'get there,' then the journey of life in God with all of its ups and downs begins. It's time for a paradigm shift! If we're already at the Next Level, then let's quit striving in frustration to get there. Let's give ourselves to learning how to live there-how to explore, grow, and journey in friendship with God."

McBath identifies four Next Level Heart Attitudes that we should adopt and maintain through the challenges and frustrations of life: A Heart for Friendship with God, A Heart of Gratitude to God, A Heart of Expectancy toward God, and A Heart to Seek God. As with any physical journey, McBath explains, keeping our hearts in good condition is part of what enables us to persevere and enjoy our journey with God.

Tracking with the apostle Peter along a dramatic stretch of his life's journey, LIVING @ THE NEXT LEVEL addresses the struggles and limitations we face and explores keys to transforming our frustrations as we go. McBath identifies ways we can practice contentment in the midst of difficulty and then provides instruction on how to transition out of limitations and move forward in life with a greater capacity to pour into the lives of others.

At the close of each chapter, McBath gives readers practical tools for applying the truths presented. The book's "Mapping Your Next Level Journey" feature includes prayers, scriptures, and questions to help readers evaluate both where they are and where they are going on their own Next Level journey.

B. Courtney McBath is the senior founding pastor of Calvary Revival Church in Norfolk, Virginia, and the presiding bishop of Calvary Alliance of Churches and Ministries, an organization serving leaders around the world. His weekly television program, The Voice of Revival, airs internationally on Daystar Television Network and other stations. He lives in Virginia with his wife and co-pastor, Janeen. They have four sons, a daughter, and a son-in-law.


Internet Plays Significant Role in Keeping Churches Connected

Internet Plays Significant Role in Keeping Churches Connected

FLORENCE, Al., May 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Internet is fast becoming one of the best ways to strengthen the Body of Christ by keeping people connected in a safe online environment. Oikos(TM) is one way for small groups to connect, share, and build one another up as well as enhance outreach into the community and beyond. Oikos beta has been available since September 2007, and today's release marks the fully-enhanced version with many new features.

"People desire deeper personal connections with one another, and are constantly looking for ways to accomplish this within their busy lifestyles," says Mike Simon, President of Simon Solutions Inc., developer of Oikos. "The Internet is becoming the number one method of Christians to stay connected to their small groups, encourage and support Christian relationships, and draw others to Christ."

According to The Barna Group's recent technology update, "One out of every four Protestant churches (26%) now has some presence on one or more social networking sites (such as MySpace)." More and more people have begun using these social networking sites and there are now a myriad of different Christian networks out there to connect people; however, these networks are open to outsiders and paid for by advertisers and do not provide a secure way to communicate privately. Oikos is like having your very own private social network just for your church's community.

"We are excited about having greater customization, more intuitive interface, and the ability to interact with Oikos from cell phone SMS and group chat," says Luke Thomas, youth pastor for The Father's House in Rochester, NY. "However, it will be the enhanced customization that will really appeal to the youth. The ability to embed YouTube files and HTML will also help keep interest high. In today's world we are competing against MySpace, Aim, and YouTube and the church needs to be able to offer our youth the same type of technology tools."

Oikos provides an enhanced and user- friendly look, lighter and faster functionality, highly customizable personal profile pages for each member called "walls" that are easy to work with and set up, and a "What's New" section that gives users a way to keep track of friends and news feeds while you're logged off. In addition, it also provides small groups management, online calendars to help people keep up-to-date on events and activities within your organization, multimedia tools such as image and video sharing, improved photo commenting, an online chat with quickly updated information, forums, and online prayer.

About Simon Solutions
Simon Solutions desires to empower people through technology by building innovative and interactive online connection tools. With an aspiration to help organizations translate their visions into action, the company has developed three core solutions that they hope will stretch the boundaries of how churches, ministries, and nonprofits share community: Oikos(TM) , a revolutionary private online community platform; CharityTracker(TM), a collaborative network to track charitable assistance; and, a transformative 24/7 online prayer network.

Mission Lessons 'Teach and Inspire' - New Radio Messages from the Pontifical Mission Societies Continue Archbishop Sheen Legacy

Mission Lessons 'Teach and Inspire' - New Radio Messages from the Pontifical Mission Societies Continue Archbishop Sheen Legacy

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada, May 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Continuing and living a legacy." That's how Pontifical Mission Societies National Director, Monsignor John E. Kozar, presented "Mission Lessons," a new series of radio messages released on May 29 during the Catholic Media Convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"These moments from the Missions that teach and inspire represent our way of continuing and living the legacy of Archbishop Fulton Sheen," explained Monsignor Kozar, speaking of his predecessor as national director (1950 to 1966).

"Archbishop Sheen masterfully used the media to proclaim the 'Good News' of Jesus and the teachings of the Church," he continued, "and it is most fitting that we return to our roots here, while utilizing the technology in this area available to us today."

In 1930, Archbishop Sheen started a weekly national radio broadcast, The Catholic Hour. Two decades later that program had an estimated audience in the millions.

"Mission Lessons" feature Monsignor Kozar reflecting on what he has seen on visits to the Developing World - the life-giving service of priests, Religious Sisters and Brothers, and lay catechists - and on what he has learned from missionaries. The 60- second spots then relate those experiences to the "lessons" they hold for the everyday lives of listeners.

"The Missions of today and the work and witness of missionaries open our eyes in faith to the myriad possibilities to live out, each day, our baptismal call to mission," Monsignor Kozar said. "After all, we are all part of this 'one family in mission.'"

Produced and distributed by the Kennedy Brownrigg Group, these messages are targeted for use on radio (terrestrial / satellite / internet), but they can also be used for spiritual / prayerful meditation, as well as for small group discussion starters. This initial 10-spot release will be followed by two more: one in the fall, and another before year-end. In addition to direct distribution to radio outlets, these radio messages will also be available for download at the Pontifical Mission Societies web site at

This year was chosen for this project, Monsignor Kozar observed, because of its missionary significance for the Church in the United States. On June 29, 1908, a decree of Pope Pius X removed the designation "mission territory" from the Church in the United States, meaning that we were no longer dependent upon the sacrifices of the Catholics of Europe - through the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, one of the four Pontifical Mission Societies - to support our pastoral and evangelizing needs.

"As we mark this 100th anniversary of our 'mission independence,' we give thanks to God for the missionaries who served our growing Church, and remember that 'Pentecost continues' as missionaries today proclaim the 'Good News' of Jesus throughout the Developing World," observed Monsignor Kozar. "These 'lessons' help us all to remember our much-needed part in this mission to the world, and show us the way to be missionaries ourselves, to share our faith, each and every day."

For more information about "Mission Lessons," contact the Kennedy Brownrigg Group at

To learn more about the Pontifical Mission Societies, visit Exclusive: McCain Consultant's Wife Worked for Libya's Terrorist Regime Exclusive: McCain Consultant's Wife Worked for Libya's Terrorist Regime

MANASSAS, Va., May 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- A top consultant to Senator John McCain is married to a lobbyist who has worked in recent years for the Libyan regime of Muammar Khaddafi, according to an exclusive report on the website

The consultant's wife began working for the Khaddafi government at a time when it was officially designated by the U.S. State Department as a state sponsor of terrorism, and continues to promote business deals between the Libyan government and U.S. companies.

The full article is online at

Comments on the article may be posted on the blog at

NOTE TO EDITORS: is the top source for conservative news and commentary on the Republican presidential candidate. Updated daily, it also offers conservatives a forum to express their views on McCain.

Graduate Science Program Claims 'Viewpoint Discrimination' in Appeal of Texas Education Ruling

Graduate Science Program Claims 'Viewpoint Discrimination' in Appeal of Texas Education Ruling

DALLAS, May 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- The California-based Institute for Creation Research Graduate School (ICRGS), established in 1981, has submitted its formal petition to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) calling for the education agency to reverse its decision to deny ICRGS' application for a Certificate of Authority to grant Master of Science degrees in the state of Texas.

The petition paves the way for ICRGS to sue the state agency and its officials in federal and/or state court.

The unconstitutional exercise of "viewpoint discrimination" is the focus of the ICRGS appeal and names Commissioner Raymund Paredes, Assistant Commissioner Joseph Stafford, Academic Excellence Committee chairperson Lyn Bracewell Phillips, and other THECB board members, who denied the application of ICRGS because its program is based on a creationist interpretation of scientific data rather than an evolutionary interpretation, which is prevalent in public education.

The ICRGS petition claims that the THECB failed to evaluate the ICRGS application without viewpoint discrimination. The formal petition sent to Austin includes 26 evidentiary appendices that buttress the academic freedom and other legal rights of ICRGS to offer its 27-year-old graduate program to Texas residents.

The petition was also delivered to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott due to the THECB's alleged violations of constitutional law standards.

Updates about the ICRGS case can be found at the organization's website.

Christian Majors Sign New Agreements and Renewals with Play MPE(R)

Christian Majors Sign New Agreements and Renewals with Play MPE(R)

Warner, Sony BMG and EMI Christian Label Groups Choose Play MPE(R)

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Destiny Media Technologies (BULLETIN BOARD: DSNY) is pleased to announce paid commercial agreements are in place with Curb, EMI CMG, INO, Integrity, Provident and Word, collectively representing 100% of the Christian major labels. These labels use Destiny's premiere digital distribution system, Play MPE(R), to securely move pre-release music to radio stations and other trusted recipients.

Brian Dishon, VP National Promotions, Provident Label Group, remarks "Sometimes it's scary how technology can change our behavior in such a large- scale way without us even being aware that it is happening so efficiently or so quickly. This is the case with Play MPE(R), and it is a good thing!"

According to Dishon, Play MPE(R) has changed the way they do business. "We used to have to manufacture a CD and wait 30 days to ship a single out to radio. Just last week we were delivered a mastered single around 2 pm and it was in the system and sent to radio by 4 pm and we had an 'add' on the song the following morning!"

Derek Jones, VP Promotional Marketing, Word Label Group also gives kudos to the system. "We love PLAY MPE(R)! It has revolutionized the way we deliver music to radio ... quick and quality downloads that are safe and secure!"

"Play MPE(R) is the sole standard of digital delivery for the Christian format," said Dean Ernst, VP of MPE Operations. "This format is a great example of how an industry can move from physical CD to digital when it is done in an organized and collective manner. We are grateful for the continued support and thank both labels and radio for making us the clear and only choice for digital delivery."

Play MPE(R) is the only system to deliver HD audio from source to destination at high download speeds without conversion to a lower quality format such as WMA. Radio stations receive the latest music instantly without sacrificing audio quality. It provides content owners the choice of locking releases to recipient machines or allowing the songs to be copied. It embeds a digital watermark that doesn't affect audio quality and survives compression and conversion into other audio formats, including analog.

Play MPE(R) has become the delivery standard for Christian radio with 100% of Christian reporting radio stations installed with the system. So far this year, these six major Christian labels have generated well over 200,000 transactions (536 singles, 355 compilations, 57 albums and 8 box sets).

About Provident
Provident Music Group is a unit of SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, and comprises Provident-Integrity Distribution and Provident Label Group. The label group entity includes Beach Street, Essential, Flicker and Reunion Records and is distributed to Christian retail by Provident-Integrity Distribution and to general market retail through SONY BMG Distribution.

About Word
Word Label Group, comprised of Word Records, Fervent Records, Myrrh Records and Canaan Records, is a division of Word Entertainment, a Warner Music Group / Curb company. The artist roster heralds some of today's top Christian music performers and songwriters including Amy Grant, Point Of Grace, BarlowGirl, Jaci Velasquez, Building 429, Big Daddy Weave, By The Tree, Nicole C. Mullen and Randy Travis. The Word Label Group leads the industry with over 50 years of music-making history.

About Play MPE(R)
With over 21,000 users and over 83,000 songs from more than 1,000 record labels, including Universal Music Group, EMI Music Group, Sony BMG and Warner Music Group, Destiny's Play MPE(R) system is the most widely used digital distribution system available to the recording and radio industries. Play MPE(R) is a secure distribution system that features state-of-the- art encryption to protect content while delivering high definition audio to users in radio, marketing and media. A powerful promotional tool, Play MPE(R) also allows record companies to distribute video, text and graphics including music videos, CD covers, credits, lyrics, promotions, and other content. More information on Play MPE(R) can be found at

About Destiny Media Technologies
Destiny ( is a software development company which provides tools that some of the world's largest media companies use to distribute their content on the Internet. Products include Play MPE(R), Clipstream(R) and Radio Destiny (TM).

Safe Harbor Statement
"Safe Harbor" statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This release contains forward looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, the impact of competitive products and pricing, product demand and market acceptance, new product development, reliance on key strategic alliances, availability of raw materials, the regulatory environment, fluctuations in operating results and other risks detailed from time to time in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Church Resignation a Gauge of Obama's Integrity

Church Resignation a Gauge of Obama's Integrity

WASHINGTON, May 31 /Christian Newswire/ -- Today Senator Barack Obama is ending his 20-year membership at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

Associated Press is reporting that Obama campaign communications director Robert Gibbs said Obama had submitted a letter of resignation to the church. Obama is scheduled to explain his decision tonight in South Dakota.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Washington DC based Christian Defense Coalition comments, "It is painfully clear that Senator Obama has publicly discarded decades long relationships because his church has become a hindrance to his political aspirations.

"Only one of the two following options may be true; for the past twenty years Senator Obama was a member of a church fellowship that was the foundation of his spiritual and moral reasoning -- or -- he sat in the pew of Trinity United Church simply for the political gain such relationships could bring.

"If Trinity United Church was simply a club to improve Obama's standing in the community, then he is consistent in discarding his membership today, when such gain is gone.

"But if his church membership was truly spiritual -- then this action shows a fundamental lack of integrity. Obama's resignation of membership in Trinity United Church demonstrates that he will trade even on his faith for political advantage.

"As voters, the American people must ask Obama, as president, what closely held value will he trade away next time."

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: John Baptist Mission Services Are Not Available

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: John Baptist Mission Services Are Not Available

Emergency websites have been launched on

Lome (Africa)/London (United Kingdom) May 31, 2008/ The services of the international mission John Baptist Mission are since about three hours for unknown reasons not available. Already in the beginning of this week our services have been not available, said Mr. Andreas Klamm, journalist, missionary and director of the UK and German branch of John Baptist Mission, Togo.

Andreas Klamm said: "We have got some reports that our services are perhaps not available for religious and political reasons, such as the publishing of the entire copy of the bible in English, French, German and Spanish and helping the poor people, 300 children and orphans. It seems that some political forces do not want the independent information by independent journalists and even missionaries and a Reverend which are published throughout the world. As it is a Saturday morning I can not confirm that the concerns which have been raised are of the truth. But if we are blocked for religious and political reasons it actually would mean that christian missionaries and journalists are blocked although in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued in 1948 religious liberty and the freedom of the press is granted as a basic human right. If christians have no more right to publish information about the bible, to publish the copy of the bible which we do on other websites since years and if we have no more rights to share the concepts of our missions, help projects and general news and information it actually would mean that democracy has come to an end and that Germany might have changed from democracy to dictatorship. My hope is that this is not the case, because it would have a negative effect in the life of millions of people worldwide. I have to apologize to all of our readers, listeners, viewers and even customers in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and in several countries of Africa. The company which provides the web hosting, which our mission has paid for, is notified. We got no answers yet what might have happened. But it is quite strange if people can not access the website of an international mission for hours and days although we have paid for the services. I guess this could be the reason that the concerns have been raised that we are blocked for reasons of faith, religion and politics perhaps not only in Germany."

Emergency websites have been launched on

Note** Visit and check the documents, if you have any doubt that these documents are NOT real then call 911 / FBI / Police ! In the United Kingdom PLEASE DIAL 999 / Germany: Deutsche Polizei: 110

"This is an reduced service -- most of our content is not available yet for unknown reasons.", said Mr. Andreas Klamm, journalist, missionary and director of the UK and German branch of John Baptist Mission, Togo, Africa. The founder of John Baptist Mission, Togo, Africa is Reverend Yawovi Nyonato.

Christian Band, Bread of Stone, Speaks Out About Persecution of Christians in Indonesian Homeland

Christian Band, Bread of Stone, Speaks Out About Persecution of Christians in Indonesian Homeland

NASHVILLE, May 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- With the alarming persecution of Christians happening increasingly all over the world, the most recent outbreak of attacks in Indonesia personally hits home for Christian band Bread of Stone founders, Bill and Ben Kristijanto.

While in California this past week doing a benefit concert to raise money for an Indonesian church, the brothers heard the news of the latest tragedy in their native land. An attack happened just days ago on the Christian village of Horale, where people including children, were tortured. Not only were scores of people seriously injured, but the village community also suffered a great loss as the local school, three churches and 120 houses were set ablaze.

"It's kind of ironic that we're playing to raise money for a church building, in a country where we can freely worship God, while halfway around the world a church building was recently burned down, in a country where being a Christian is a minority," says Bill Kristijanto, who was born in Bandung, Indonesia and lived the first nine years of his life in Jatibarang.

Raised in a Christian home, the Kristijanto brothers know first hand of the needs and problems as they receive daily updates from their father, Nehemia, who travels with the band and also has a ministry in Indonesia. "With my dad going back to Indonesia every year, he is able to lift their spirits up and to refresh their faith towards God," says Ben Kristijanto. "It's such an encouragement for them to have someone like my father to come to them and share with them the things that the Lord is doing in other parts of the world. I myself join in and encourage them to keep looking towards the greater goal."

In June, Bread of Stone will start a summer of ministering to various youth camps, festivals and TV tapings. In the meantime, the band wants to raise worldwide awareness to the plight of Indonesia's suffering church.

"The current news shows us how bold our brothers and sisters are in Indonesia and leads me to encourage all Christians to pray to see how we can help!" says Bill. "We are asking for agreement that God will give the Christians in our homeland the strength to continue to be bold for Christ and to love the people that wronged them."

For more information about Bread of Stone, visit

Revelation Generation Invites Tri-State Area Businesses, Civic Groups to Join in the Fun at Labor Day Weekend Festival

Revelation Generation Invites Tri-State Area Businesses, Civic Groups to Join in the Fun at Labor Day Weekend Festival

Local Exhibitors and Vendors Invited to Promote and Provide On-Site Goods and Services to Thousands of Concert-Goers

Sponsor Opportunities Still Available for Companies to Become a Meaningful Part of the RevGen Mission
FRENCHTOWN, Nj., May 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- Revelation Generation, the annual outdoor Labor Day Weekend music festival at Revelation Farms in Frenchtown, NJ, is now accepting applications from regional businesses and organizations seeking to showcase their goods and services to concert-goers, nearly 20,000 of which attended last year's event. The festival's organizers welcome all types of businesses to apply for exhibitor and vendor opportunities, especially local merchandisers, caterers and restaurateurs, youth ministries, non-profit service organizations, educational institutions and local churches. The festival has already secured many returning exhibitors and expects the remaining slots to fill quickly. Interested exhibitors or vendors are encouraged to email to request an application or call (908) 483-2203 for more information.

"The exhibitors and vendors are an essential part of what makes Revelation Generation a success. And it's a great way to get in front of a youthful and energetic audience," said Sean Grom of Revelation Generation Steering Committee. "The exponential growth in the festival's popularity over the last few years is due in large part to the important role musicians, volunteers, organizers, exhibitors and vendors all play in delivering a moving and unforgettable experience for each and every concert- goer."

Exhibitors and vendors from last year's Revelation Generation included various ministries and retailers of books, athletic wear and sports equipment, jewelry and accessories, and apparel. Additional exhibitors will include educational groups from area academies and colleges. The festival also plans to feature an even larger selection of food and beverages, offering concert-goers a greater quantity of meal, treat, and refreshment choices throughout the two-day event.

Revelation Generation also offers several levels of sponsorship to organizations and businesses who want to share in the mission of the festival. Sponsors benefit from the ability to reach the event's passionate, youthful attendees with their brand or message throughout the two-days of festivities and months-long promotional effort leading up to Labor Day Weekend. Sponsor opportunities include: co-branding, event logo usage, VIP hospitality, and signage at various music stages and on festival grounds. For more information, email or call (908) 483- 2203.

Now in its fourth year, Revelation Generation will again be held at Revelation Farms, a 140-plus acre property in Hunterdon County. The family-friendly event will feature performances on multiple stages by top- notch artists including Newsboys, Sixpence None the Richer, TobyMac, Flyleaf, Matt Wertz, Skillet, Kutless, Norma Jean, As I Lay Dying, The Myriad, The Devil Wears Prada and many more. The two-day festival will also feature an all-star lineup of special guests including legendary speaker Justin Lookadoo, Boarders for Christ skate team, and more. In addition to the star-studded musical acts and special guests, the event will also feature long-standing festival favorites such as children's activities, games, and extreme sports.

Vendor & Sponsor Applications Those interested in an exhibition booth may visit the official concert web site at or email or for applications. There are a limited number of exhibitor booths available and the deadline to apply is August 1st (or until all vacancies are filled). Revelation Generation reserves the right to select vendors and sponsors based on their offering's benefit to concert attendees and their compatibility with its mission statement and that of its partners. Feel free to call (908) 483-2203 for additional information.

About Revelation Generation
Revelation Generation is an annual music festival which takes place on Revelation Farms in Frenchtown, N.J., a 140-plus acre property owned by Robert and Kim Grom - original founders of the Christian non-profit organization who have dedicated their farm to many youth events and to raising money for youth-oriented charities. Revelation Generation is a first-rate entertainment event that calls today's youth to live positive lifestyles-free of depression, peer pressure, and addiction-by using their influence and talents to serve others. Revelation Generation brings together a unique mix of emerging and award-winning musical artists spanning rock, pop, alternative, and punk, along with inspiring speakers, demonstrations, activities, and games that the whole family can enjoy. For more information, visit or MySpace at

Massive New Media Campaign Raises Public Awareness of Embryo Donation & Adoption to Remarkable Heights

Massive New Media Campaign Raises Public Awareness of Embryo Donation & Adoption to Remarkable Heights

FULLERTON, Calif., May 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Stories of embryo donation and adoption are sweeping across the nation through Internet sites like YouTube, MySpace and Facebook, and through a targeted direct mail campaign. The new media campaign began in March with the launch of three educational video's detailing the extraordinary procedure of donating already created embryo's to couples who otherwise could not conceive. Its part of an ongoing public awareness campaign by Nightlight Christian Adoptions (Nightlight) under a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The next three videos, "Making Dreams Come True", "Thank You", and "Where Do Frozen Embryo's Come From?" can be found on the abovementioned Internet sites or at by clicking on the Video Encouragement section.

Since March, 587 fertility clinics have received a direct mail piece inviting them to view the videos resulting in inquiries from several of them about building their own embryo donation programs.

Approximately 1,200 adoption agencies were invited to visit the Website to see the videos, resulting in requests for additional information about embryo donation and adoption to share with their clients, and requests to be added to the list of services providers on

Finally, an initial distribution to over 1,000 email addresses started an aggressive progressive distribution of the videos through the Internet, as recipients were invited to forward the messages on to at least five of their personal email contacts.

"The results from using new media to spread the word about this amazing option for families are nothing short of incredible," said Kimberly Tyson of Nightlight. "We plan to keep spreading the word until embryo donation and adoption becomes a household name."

Embryo donation and adoption is a relatively new practice in the United States.

Nightlight, through its Snowflakes® program, has realized the birth of 165 babies since 1997 with many more on the way. There are still an estimated 500,000 frozen embryos in storage across the country and progressively more are being donated for adoption each month.

This public awareness campaign is supported by grant number 2EAAPA941000-03-00 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The contents of this press release are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Department.

SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser Available for Comment on 'Two Ways of Seeing Babies'

SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser Available for Comment on 'Two Ways of Seeing Babies'

WASHINGTON, May 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser published a commentary in this week's National Catholic Register that examines how Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Barack Obama (D-IL) react to unexpected children. Selected excerpts follow:

"An especially telling difference exists between Senators Obama and McCain. How each perceives and talks about unplanned children is extremely illuminating. McCain is living the joy of his real-life response to a 'surprise child.' Obama, missing the mystery and blessing, sees only a burden."

"I understand Obama's position because I once held it. I considered myself 'pro-choice' because I did not believe the surprise child had separate rights from my own. In that case, a surprise baby is an invading visitor, an unasked for imposition."

"No matter who you are, how smart or slow you are, how beautiful or plain you look, how much or little money you have, how healthy and physically fit you are - you are necessary. Your right to life is equal to all others'. Even when it's not obvious. Even when your existence requires another's sacrifice."

Full text of the piece is available on the SBA List website,

SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser is available to discuss the impact of the Life issue on the Presidential race, the importance and influence of Values Voters, top Congressional races, women voters and the role of women in politics. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Joy Yearout at (703) 875-3370 or by email at

The Susan B. Anthony List is a nationwide network of Americans, over 145,000 residing in all 50 states, dedicated to mobilizing, advancing, and representing pro-life women in politics. Its connected Candidate Fund increases the percentage of pro-life women in the political process.

Gospel Music Channel Series Premiers this Sunday, June 1

Gospel Music Channel Series Premiers this Sunday, June 1

ATLANTA, May 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- And just like that, American Idol® is over for the season, gone until 2009. Yet, Idol® viewers who enjoy watching exciting new talent pursue their dreams, can continue to experience it Sunday nights, thanks to the Gospel Music Channel television network.

Sunday, June 1, Gospel Music Channel presents the series premiere of Bobby Jones: Next Generation at 8:00 p.m., followed at 9:00 p.m. by the third season premiere of Gospel Dream 2008, the channel's popular American Idol®-like talent search series. Premiere episodes of both shows will be seen back- to-back on Sunday nights over the summer.

Dr. Bobby Jones, the man who helped revolutionalize Gospel music as a creator, producer, director and performer, brings his explosive and colorful personality to GMC in Bobby Jones Next Generation, an hour-long emerging artist showcase of musical performances and interviews with up-and-coming performers. Lisa Kimmey (Out of Eden) co-hosts. GMC, Atlanta-based Kingdom Come Productions and Dr. Jones are producing the new series. Dr. Jones has dominated Sunday programming as the host and executive producer of Bobby Jones Gospel, seen on BET since 1980. In addition to Bobby Jones Gospel, he is also the producer of Video Gospel, which debuted on BET in 1989, the first national television outlet for Gospel videos.

The fate of 16 aspiring Gospel/Christian music singers from across the country competing in Gospel Music Channel's American Idol®-inspired talent search series Gospel Dream 2008 will be in the hands of the Gospel/Christian music's version of Simon, Paula and Randy: famed producer Big Jim Wright and artists Martha Munizzi and J Moss. Gospel Dream 2008 will run for five consecutive Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT), culminating with the grand finale coronation of the winner on June 29. Gospel Dream 2008 invited performers from all Gospel/Christian styles, including traditional, soul, rock, blues and country, to audition around the country. The winner will receive a record & music video deal and a Royal Caribbean Cruise. Gospel Dream 2008 will be hosted by popular artist/songwriter Matthew West. The Gospel Dream series was created by Executive Producer Elvin Ross.

Gospel Music Channel is the fastest-growing network in television today and can be seen in nearly 40 million homes on various cable systems around the country and nationwide on DIRECTV.

Randall Terry, Founder, Operation Rescue, has Filed Suit to Cancel False Trademark Registration of the Name, Operation Rescue, by Mr. Troy Newman

Randall Terry, Founder, Operation Rescue, has Filed Suit to Cancel False Trademark Registration of the Name, Operation Rescue, by Mr. Troy Newman

Bo Jackson, Twiggy, Marc Chagall, Jimmy "Margaritaville" Buffett and Randall Terry find themselves in the same company: a pretender tried to steal their identity.
MEDIA ADVISORY, May 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Randall Terry has filed suit with Trademark Trial and Appeals Board to cancel false registration of "Operation Rescue" by Mr. Troy Newman. Mr. Terry seeks to regain control of the name Operation Rescue, which is his moniker.

Mr. Troy Newman lied under oath to the Trademark Office when he filed his registration of the name, Operation Rescue. Moreover, Mr. Newman has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars by falsely claiming a connection with Operation Rescue.

Press conference: 11:00 A.M., Thursday, May 29, The Patent and Trademark Office is at 600 Dulany Street, Alexandria, VA, 22311

Randall A. Terry, Founder, Operation Rescue; Michael Culver, Attorney, Specializing in Trademark law, and intellectual property.

To be given to the press:

1) The legal pleadings filed in the case (filed Tuesday, May 27, 2008);

2) Printed booklet of history of Operation Rescue, including the proof that Mr. Newman lied under oath when he claimed ownership of the name, Operation Rescue;

3) Trademark law, which shows why Mr. Newman will lose this case, because he knowingly took the name Operation Rescue, and has thereby falsely claimed a connection with Randall Terry, the Founder of Operation Rescue.

4) The Jimmy Buffett, Twiggy, Bo Jackson, and Marc Chagall case law; which all have the similar facts and law, and in which each of the above public figures retained the right to the "mark" [name, moniker, slogan] they made famous, even though someone else tried to trademark that name.

Mr. Michael Culver, Mr. Terry's attorney, states: "Mr. Newman is simply a squatter on intellectual property that he does not own. This proceeding at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the Patent and Trademark Office is intended to oust Mr. Newman from the identity that rightfully belongs to Randall Terry."

Randall Terry states: "Mr. Newman mistook my patience for a lack of resolve. His identity theft of a name, a heritage, and a history over which he has no right is as offensive as it is ludicrous."

For more info, call: 904 819 9450; or 904 687 9806.

Chinese Persecution of House Churches Intensifies

Chinese Persecution of House Churches Intensifies

WASHINGTON, May 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- The China Aid Association is reporting a series of recent arrests and detentions targeting house churches across China. The sudden increase of incidents involving both the Religious Affairs Bureau (RAB) and the Public Security Bureau (PSB) is indicative of a crackdown.

Whether or not the government is beginning a comprehensive effort to clear out house churches, local authorities of the government's enforcement apparatus are bearing down on Christians. In Xinjiang Province, officials have posted signs asking citizens to report any "evil cult activity," in this case meaning house churches. Two Christians in Xinjiang have been charged with the serious crime of being "separatists."

In May, house church gatherings have been broken up and Christians have been arrested across the country. Some of the incidents include:

A Bible school in Hebei Province was raided on May 13. Officials shut down the school and forced students from various provinces to return home. Property was confiscated and a pastor, teacher, and interpreter were all arrested, interrogated, and later released.
On May 15, officials from the PSB broke up a prayer service in Hebei Province where two dozen Christians had gathered to pray for the victims of the earthquake and for the Olympics. Officials declared the prayer meeting an "illegal gathering". In addition, officials have also turned away and even arrested house church members who volunteered to help victims of the recent earthquake in Sichuan Province.

IRD Director of Religious Liberty Programs Faith J.H. McDonnell commented,

"Chinese Christians need our prayers in the face of both mounting persecution and the devastating death toll from the recent earthquake. Due to the repressive one-child policy, many parents lost the only child they had and will be struggling with grief and despair.

"In the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics, we've witnessed further tightening of unfair restrictions on Christian practice in China. The increased spotlight has unfortunately not led to greater freedoms for the Chinese people.

"Once again, in the tragic death of over 65,000 people in the recent earthquake, the Chinese government demonstrates that it prizes control over doing what is best for its own people. Rather than accept the aid of Chinese Christians who want to ease the suffering of the people of Sichuan Province, the Chinese government chooses to persecute them."

'Rescuing God from Extremism:': First Orthodox Jewish Center to Dialogue with Christians Opens in Israel

'Rescuing God from Extremism:': First Orthodox Jewish Center to Dialogue with Christians Opens in Israel

EFRAT, Israel, May 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- For the first time in the history of Jewish-Christian relations, an Orthodox Jewish institution has opened its doors to theological dialogue and fellowship with Christians. The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding & Cooperation (CJCUC) is located in Efrat, Israel, and its mission is rooted in Isaiah 1:18: "Come, let us reason together." It will open officially on June 1. "We are certain that through these dialogues we will find more that unites us than divides us," said the Center's founder, Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Shlomo Riskin. CJCUC is currently building a facility for 36 lodging rooms, classrooms and a conference center for 350 people.

When asked why now, Rabbi Riskin responded, "A sea change has occurred since the Shoah (Holocaust). Most churches now teach that G-d remains faithful to His covenant with the Jewish people, and that the Biblical promise is continually being reaffirmed by the Jewish return to its homeland in Zion." CJCUC will highlight the theological and historical significance of the Land of Israel and how the core Judeo-Christian values of sanctity of human life, peace and human dignity can impact 21st century culture and conflict.

CJCUC is already hosting Christian groups for all-day seminars, which include tours of biblical sites such as nearby Jerusalem, the Path of the Patriarchs and the Herodian wells. Among the subjects that the seminar series includes are Jewish-Christian Relations; the Theology of Biblical Holidays; Covenant & Mission; The Ten Commandments; Satan, Evil & Free Will; Judaism and the Ministry of Jesus; and Human Life Created in the Image of God. Beginning in the 2008-2009 academic year, CJCUC center will also run educational seminars for students and faculty of Catholic and Protestant seminaries in the United States, Canada and Europe. It has appointed North American and European directors to coordinate relations with religious leaders on these continents.

Rabbi Riskin insists that the theology of incarnation separates Christianity from Judaism, but "this should not take away the need to build upon what we have in common." He will ensure that the dialogue is dedicated to mutual respect for each other's theological convictions while rejecting any compromise of religious belief out of deference to the other. The dialogue will also be free of any attempts at conversion.

CJCUC is creating a theological think tank of international scholars and theologians whose tasks will be to clarify areas of Jewish and Christian theological agreement and disagreement, as well as identify areas of fruitful cooperation. According to the Rabbi, "Their research will break new ground to realize the Center's goal of making religion an instrument of peace for Israel and all countries of the world." The topics will focus on past and present Jewish-Christian Relations, Covenant, Salvation, Biblical Hermeneutics, Religion and Violence, Ethical Monotheism and Messianism.

"We are in a clash of civilizations," says Rabbi Riskin. "While faith requires that we wait for the divine answers, we dare not leave all to God." He added that a partnership between Jews and Christians is needed to begin a healing process in order to become God's agents to spread the message of a God of love and peace to the world. "Both Judaism and Christianity have profound messages for the world and each must speak to humanity and to each other. Sober religion, famous for its love of the familiar, may well be tempted to say, 'It's all too hard,' and to retreat into a shell. But there is the danger: Our shell may become a death knell," declares the Rabbi. "We must rescue God from extremism."

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact CJCUC's media department at 201 282 8082, its website at or email at

New CD Gives Listeners a Taste of's Best Talent

New CD Gives Listeners a Taste of's Best Talent

PORTLAND, May 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- Every year, The Commons showcases 24 new contemporary Catholic songs. Posted twice a month on, these streaming-video interviews are a great way to discover the latest releases-and get practical music and ministry tips from today's top artists. Now there's a new way for fans to get a taste of what has to offer. The Commons: By Request brings together 15 of the best songs from the past year.

Mixing hot-off-the-press singles with hit tracks from recent collections, the CD is a good indication of what's happening on there's an explosion of top-quality music. That's good news for today's youth ministers and music directors. They have more to choose from than ever before.

"'s contemporary artists and composers write and record songs that are giving voice to a new generation's desire to worship as Jesus instructed-in spirit and in truth," says Robert Feduccia, general manager of "In addition to being an incredibly prayerful worship experience, it is a most satisfying listening experience."

Proven effective at times of praise and worship, youth rallies, liturgies and retreats, these 15 tracks range from ethereal psalms and devotionals to high-energy gathering songs and rock anthems. Highlights include two songs each from Curtis Stephen's Sacred Revolution, Matt Maher's Overflow, and Sarah Hart's Into These Rooms.

"What we have assembled is the best of the best," says Feduccia. "I think this product is a composite picture of the overall quality of the catalog. Top artists. Top songs. Top producers in the studio. It is such a joy to present this CD to the Church."

For more information about The Commons: By Request and the other contemporary music from, call 1-800-548-8749, or visit

About, the contemporary music division of OCP, offers the latest releases by both big- name artists and emerging new talents. OCP, a not- for-profit publisher of music and worship resources based in Portland, Oregon, has been in operation for more than 80 years. Worship programs produced by OCP are used in thousands of churches in the United States and are distributed worldwide.

Field Poll on Marriage is Suspect Claims Catholics for the Common Good

Field Poll on Marriage is Suspect Claims Catholics for the Common Good

SAN FRANCISCO, May 28, /Christian Newswire/ -- "Today's Field Poll shows data inconsistent with other reputable polls that show voter support for defining marriage in the state constitution as between a man and a woman," said William B. May, chairman of Catholics for the Common Good. "The Los Angeles Times poll of May 21 shows an 18-point margin (54-36) in support of the initiative, and SurveyUSA of May 15 indicates a 16-point margin (52-36)."

A just-released Field Poll indicates 51-42 support for same-sex "marriage" among California-registered voters and opposition to the initiative that will appear on the November 2008 ballot.

"Polling results can, of course, vary substantially depending on how questions are asked, the order in which they are asked, and sampling techniques. I am confident that when voters read the one-sentence initiative in November, they will see it as common sense and will vote for it. But this election to reinstate marriage as only between a man and a woman will be very close and hard-fought," May said.

"It is true that younger people support same-sex marriage in greater numbers. Young people have been immersed in a culture that is largely indifferent to marriage and have even been taught in schools that marriage is simply a lifestyle choice reflected in the fact that marriage has declined over the last thirty years."

"Marriage has declined to the point that four out of ten children are now born out of wedlock -- a serious problem that calls for promoting and supporting marriage for people who engage in reproductive acts. However, it is now illegal for public schools or other government agencies to promote marriage for men and women, because it discriminates against the private interests of a particular group of adults," said May. "The California Supreme Court decision is clearly in conflict with the common interest of every child without exception in having a married mother and father."

Catholics for the Common Good is an educational organization dedicated to bringing reason to the public square using insights from Catholic social teachings based on the dignity of the human person, fundamental human rights, and social justice.

New Treatment Guide for Eating Disorders Available to Healthcare Professionals

New Treatment Guide for Eating Disorders Available to Healthcare Professionals

Nation's Leading Eating Disorders Treatment Center Offers a New Comprehensive Guide to the Mysterious World of Eating Disorders

PHOENIX, May 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Remuda Programs for Eating Disorders, the nation's leading and largest inpatient treatment center for women and girls suffering from eating disorders, has published Eating Disorders: A Handbook of Christian Treatment, a comprehensive guide to the mysterious world of eating disorders. The handbook explains eating disorders, along with proper assessment and intervention, across the bio- psycho-social-spiritual continuum. It was written by a multidisciplinary team to be of value to a broad range of healthcare and pastoral professionals, practitioners, educators and students. The handbook offers state-of-the-art, scientifically valid knowledge of anorexia and bulimia nervosa, integrated carefully with non-denominational Christianity.

"There are very few comprehensive treatment manuals to guide healthcare professionals in treating eating disorders," said Edward Cumella, PhD, executive director of Remuda Programs for Eating Disorders. "Because we're the leading eating disorder treatment center in the nation, with the most successful outcomes, it was our mission to educate healthcare professionals about the best methods of treating these deadly diseases."

Currently, there are no treatment manuals for eating disorders that integrate scientifically valid and Biblically based approaches. Eating Disorders: A Handbook of Christian Treatment explores eating disorders as multi-dimensional illnesses. The biological dimension includes human genetics, neurochemistry, nutrition and medications. The psychological dimension spans emotions, thinking patterns, personal choice and free will. The social dimension centers on peers, family and intimate relationships influenced by unique cultural pressures. The spiritual dimension recognizes the depth and healing power of human spirituality in the context of Christian redemption, forgiveness and grace.

The comprehensive handbook is the definitive statement on eating disorders offered by the clinical leaders of the most successful eating disorder treatment program in the world. It was co-written by Edward Cumella, a clinical psychologist with 20 years experience; Marian Eberly, RN, MSW, LCSW, DAPA, a corporate director; and David Wall, MDiv, PhD, the corporate psychology director at Remuda Programs for Eating Disorders.

"Eating disorders rarely occur in isolation," adds Cumella. "Those who suffer often have depression, anxiety, substance use, trauma, self-injurious behavior, and other concomitant concerns. These co- occurring issues interact with eating disorders synergistically and need to be understood and addressed for true recovery to begin. This new handbook covers these co-occurring issues and explains how to help people with eating and related disorders to heal in a lasting way."

About Remuda Programs for Eating Disorders
Remuda Programs for Eating Disorders offers Christian inpatient and residential treatment for women and girls of all faiths suffering from an eating disorder. Each patient is treated by a multi- disciplinary team including a Psychiatric and a Primary Care Provider, Registered Dietitian, Masters Level therapist, Psychologist and Registered Nurse. The professional staff equips each patient with the right tools to live a healthy, productive life. For more information, call 1-800-445-1900 or visit

Friday, May 30, 2008

Animal Science Without Evolution

Photo: Christian Newswire

Animal Science Without Evolution

MEDIA ADVISORY, May 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Fascination with animals permeates childhood. Yet, with biology books oozing evolutionary propaganda and conjecture, an animal enthusiast's faith in the Bible is in danger of erosion. So how can a Christian child maintain and grow their faith if they want to study animals? The answer is the latest book in Jeannie Fulbright's creation science series, Exploring Creation with Zoology III, which covers the land animals created on the sixth day.

Released in March 2008, Christian book stores are already selling out of this well researched, scientifically profound book, which is the fifth book in Fulbright's creation science sequence. Covering all the land creatures from parasites to primates, Exploring Creation with Zoology III presents scientifically sound teaching, along with evidence for deliberate design, a biblical model for origins and explanations that expose the absurdity of evolutionary leaps of logic. All this is accessible to a child, with Fulbright's engaging writing style, full color photos and entertaining experiments and projects. Many children and parents alike will appreciate the chapter dedicated to dinosaurs. Not only will they learn the scientific classifications of the dinosaur kinds and become virtual experts in the field, families will discover data that supports the dinosaurs' recent history on planet earth.

"The animals God created are beyond fascinating. Children need a resource with which they can study them in-depth, one which does not compromise their faith or sow seeds of doubt," Fulbright communicated at a recent conference in Georgia.

One parent from Maine, commenting on a previous book in the series, wrote, '[This book is] written at a level that kids can understand. Mrs. Fulbright tackles the science of God's creation in such an inviting way that some days it's hard to stop reading. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this book and any other in the series."

Fulbright's books can be ordered from any bookstore, including, Christian Book Distributors ( or directly from the publisher, Apologia Educational Ministries (

If you would like more information on this book series, high resolution images or to schedule an interview with Jeannie Fulbright, please visit Jeannie's website at, or e-mail Jeannie at

DBB begrüßt Übertragung des Tarifergebnisses auf Bundesbeamte -- Hessen: Politik gewinnt vertrauen zurück

DBB begrüßt Übertragung des Tarifergebnisses auf Bundesbeamte

Hessen: Politik gewinnt vertrauen zurück

Berlin. (red). 31. Mai 2008. Auf dem Gewerkschaftstag der VdB Bundesbankgewerkschaft am 27. Mai 2008 im dbb forum berlin hat der dbb Bundesvorsitzende Peter Heesen
die geplante Übertragung des Tarifergebnisses von Potsdam auf die Bundesbeamten
begrüßt: "Dass der Abschluss erstmals seit 1998 zeit-und inhaltsgleich auf die Bundesbeamten übertragen werden soll, ist ein Stück Neuanfang, mit dem die Politik schwindendes Vertrauen zurückgewinnen kann." Das diene nicht nur der Politik, sondern auch der Demokratie, die durch immer mehr Bauernfänger in Gefahr gerate, "die alle möglichen Versprechen machen, ohne sich damit zu beschäftigen, ob sie sie hinterher auch halten können."

Weiter wies dbb Chef Peter Heesen Kritik zurück, der Tarifabschluss von Potsdam sei zu hoch: "Nach Jahren der Zurückhaltung sind jetzt endlich wieder die Menschen am Zuge, die mit ihrer Arbeit wirtschaftliche Erfolge erst ermöglichen. Das gilt insbesondere auch für den öffentlichen Dienst."

Lohnsteigerungen seien auch deshalb erforderlich, weil stetiger Personalabbau
und demographischer Wandel den öffentlichen Dienst in naher Zukunft unweigerlich in einen verschärften Wettbewerb mit der Privatwirtschaft um die besten Köpfe zwingen werde. "Das bedeutet zwangsläufig höhere Tarife als die, die derzeit in der Tabelle stehen. Wir müssen nicht nur behutsam mit den Menschen umgehen, die wir haben, sondern auch Perspektiven für qualifizierten Nachwuchs schaffen, wenn der öffentliche
Dienst diesen Wettbewerb nicht verlieren soll."



LONDON. May 31, 2008. The misinformation and confusion that often hovers around health and science stories will soon be dispelled by top science bloggers at Cancer Research UK.

The Science Update blog is now live after a six month trial run at the charity. It is already full of fascinating posts on subjects like whether mobile phones are linked to cancer, and if hypnosis can help people with the disease. Cancer Research UK hopes it will be a valuable interactive resource for the public, the health community and the media.

The charity’s health and science web manager, Henry Scowcroft, and one of the bloggers, said: "There's a bewildering amount of media noise about cancer, some of it based on sound science, some of it widely misunderstood. By writing this blog and putting cancer stories in context, we hope to help people separate the good from the bad.

"Blogs are a comparatively new medium of communication, and we're really looking forward to taking part in the discussions and debates that the sometimes controversial subject of cancer will provoke".

Scowcroft helped to launch and now runs the charity’s News & Resources site, putting him in a good position to blog about the media coverage of cancer stories. Following a degree in biochemistry his passion for science communication tempted him away from the lab to work for a science journal. He completed a Masters in science communication before joining Cancer Research UK.

Award winning science writer Ed Yong graduated with a degree in Natural Sciences before working as a scientist for Cancer Research UK. Now a manager in the health information team, he monitors the latest research to ensure that the charity’s information is based on the best scientific evidence. A successful science blogger in his spare time, Yong will be using his expertise to cover stories about health and risk for the Science Update blog.

The third blogger is Dr Kat Arney. She started her career in the laboratory before discovering her talent for science communication and landing a job as a presenter of BBC radio’s Naked Scientist. As senior science information officer at Cancer Research UK, she excels in ‘translating’ science into plain English, and will blog about science and research stories.

All three are excited to be contributing to the debate about the stories behind the headlines, as well as highlighting the stories that slip through the media net. They will provide a clear voice to help make sense of health and information stories.

Dr Ben Goldacre, who writes a regular science column in the Guardian, said: “In a time when so much misleading information about cancer is being spread by commercial cranks and journalists in search of a melodramatic headline, it’s great to see people who really know what they’re talking about, engaging directly, unmediated, with the public.”

Cancer Research UK’s Science Update blog can be found at this address:

Sarah's Law - While We're Waiting...

Sarah's Law - While We're Waiting...

SAN DIEGO, May 23 /Standard Newswire/ -- Within the next week to ten days the Secretary of State should officially declare Sarah's Law qualified for the Nov. 08 ballot.

(Sarah's Law will require a doctor to notify one family member before performing an abortion on an under- 18-year-old girl.)

This past week, volunteers have emailed and faxed California newspaper editors and reporters the following two letters:

How to spot unsupported claims in the parental notification debate

In a letter to all California newspapers, Catherine Short, one of the authors of Sarah's Law, lists seven unsupported claims repeated in editorials and news stories during the fights over Proposition 73 in 2005 and Proposition 85 in 2006 concerning:

- The teen pregnancy rate dropping
- Girls already telling their parents about abortion decision
- Teens consulting another trusted adult
- Girls having good reason not to tell parents
- Parental involvement laws causing delayed abortions
- Girls seeking illegal abortions or being beaten by parents
- Teen birth rate increasing

The letter is accompanied by supporting documents - a Guttmacher Institute study and an article from Family Planning Perspectives. Click here to read the Unsupported Claims letter.


In a subsequent email to California newspapers and editors, Sarah's Law staffers explain the difference between Sarah's Law and Propositions 73 and 85.

The letter begins:
"Insanity is doing the same thing in the same way, expecting a different result." - Chinese Proverb The proponents of Sarah's Law, a new family member notification initiative that will appear on the November ballot, are not insane... Click here to read the Insanity letter.

Friends of Sarah
1703 India St., San Diego CA 92101
(866) 828-8355

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Metropolitan Police Authority - AGM and May meeting

Metropolitan Police Authority - AGM and May meeting

LONDON. May 28, 2008/ -- The annual general meeting of the MPA will be held in meeting room 1 (ground floor), 10 Dean Farrar Street, London SW1 on Thursday 29 May at 10.00 a.m.

During the annual general meeting members will elect the chair and deputy chair(s) of the Authority, for a term up to 30 September. This will enable appointments from 1 October 2008 to accommodate both the new independent membership and the mayoral power to chair the authority, or to appoint its chair and deputy chairs.

Appointments will be made to MPA committees, oversight groups, and outside organisations as well as borough link members and portfolio holders. The Authority will also nominate a panel of members to appoint the new independent members.

The May meeting of the MPA will follow immediately afterwards.

Both meetings are open to members of the public and press.

The Authority will discuss 'Operation Blunt 2', the Met's response to increasing incidences of fatal stabbings amongst young people, and the MPA Youth Scrutiny, which analyses young people's relationships with the Met and their experiences as victims, witnesses and perpetrators of crime in London.

Len Duvall, chair of the authority, said:

"All our communities, the MPA and the Met are extremely concerned about the number of young people in London involved in serious violence, particularly knife crime. The MPA with the Met, working with the mayor of London, are determined to tackle these horrific crimes. Blunt 2 is the Met's operational response, building on crime reduction achieved in the first Operation Blunt in 2007/8. Equally important are the existing strong links in place between the Met and young people and communities, and the report explains how these will be integral to operational activities.

"Building and maintaining links with young people is central to tackling youth crime and the MPA's youth scrutiny was commissioned to gain a fuller understanding of how young people relate to police and their experiences of crime and victimisation. Opinions expressed by young people during the scrutiny debates confirmed that the Met's youth strategy is travelling in the right direction to address their concerns and expectations, and provides a joined up response to youth engagement, offending and victimisation. The Met will respond formally to the scrutiny at the July full Authority meeting and we will monitor the implementation of our recommendations."

The Authority will hear a question from Mr. Peter Woodhams calling for a review of the decision of the internal Metropolitan Police review (25 March 2008) concerning two officers in relation to the murder of his son Peter Woodhams on 21 August 2006. The internal review heard the appeal by the two officers resulting from the initial misconduct hearing. Catherine Crawford, chief executive of the MPA, will give the Authority's response at the meeting.

Commissioner Sir Ian Blair will give an update on operational policing issues in London and present a written performance report.

Hillary Clinton's Assassination Motive for Staying in Race Suspected by Pro-Life Webcaster Early On

Hillary Clinton's Assassination Motive for Staying in Race Suspected by Pro-Life Webcaster Early On

WASHINGTON, May 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Before Senator Hillary Clinton made her explosive suggestion that Senator Barack Obama may be assassinated before Democrats choose their nominee at the convention, webcaster and blogger Paul Schenck told anchorwoman Day Gardner on the Daily Life News Show that he believed Clinton has stayed in the race because she suspects Obama will be assassinated.

Paul Schenck, who battled the Clintons right up through the US Supreme Court and won, made the statement on the NPLR.NET news show, Tuesday, May 20.

In his blog for Saturday, May 24 Schenck wrote:

"Last week on NPLR.NET's Daily Life News program, at the very end of the analysis segment that I do with anchor Day Gardner, with literally one minute to go, she brought up the unending contest between Senators Obama and Clinton. The question of the day was the same as every other day: why was Hillary Clinton still in the race? Well, I mentioned the usual things that have been repeated too many times so I won't rehearse them again. But, the last thing I said was, "I have a very dark suspicion why Hillary Clinton remains in the race;" which surprised even Day (who knows me very well by now). I said, "I think she believes that Obama has a high risk of being assassinated, and she plans on being the next in line to be picked."

The show containing the reference to Obama's assassination was broadcast on NPLR.Net and on WCAR Detroit on May 20.

Read Paul Schenck's blog at and listen to the May 20 broadcast at

NPLR.NET is an Internet radio network which also broadcasts on XM-Sirius satellite radio and Relevant Radio WCAR Detroit, Michigan. Paul Schenck is available for interviews and commentary by calling 202-834-0844 or emailing

Social Network is the Place for Christian Friends

Social Network is the Place for Christian Friends

DALLAS, May 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Social networking site is a lot like MySpace and Facebook, but serves the niche market of Christians seeking friendship and community on-line. The website is celebrating its one-year anniversary this month, and has quickly grown to over 11,000 members.

The site has a lot to offer Christians, including blogging, chat, video sharing, games, and of course, making new friends. Over 800 Christian music artists are also on the site, connecting with their fans and finding new ones. Music genres include Gospel, R&B, Rap, Rock, Latin, Praise & Worship, and Contemporary Christian. Many of the artist's profiles include a media player, allowing site members to listen to a sampling of the artist's music on-line. Each month there is a different featured music artist.

The site membership is growing rapidly, and all Christians age 13 or older are invited to join. One member Joyce says, "I love it because it is very encouraging. I hope that more and more Christians will continue to come and continue to make it a great place to be."

Site founder Manny Ramos attributes much of the site's success in the first year to the hard work the members put into the site to get the word out. Manny says, "At FaithItUp I have found some very genuine Christians who were looking and helping others deepen their relationship with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ." The site's new administrator, Lee Raney, is excited about the future for the site. "If FaithItUp were a church that had grown to 11,000 members in the first year, it would be big news nationwide," Raney observes. "Of course we are not a church in the true sense, but as a community of Christians ministering to one another, serving one another, and doing life together, we can all grow in our Christian walk a little each day."

In looking back at the success of the first year, FaithItUp is also looking forward to a bright future. Additional funds are being invested in the site, and plans are underway for a site upgrade including new site features and some partnerships that will help the site keep pace with the ever-changing trends in social networking. "By continuing to provide a safe and fun environment for God's kids to 'hang out' on-line," Raney says, "the ministry will continue to grow and reach thousands of people around the world."

Luft- und Raumfahrt: Klimaschutz beflügelt neue Technologien

Luft- und Raumfahrt: Klimaschutz beflügelt neue Technologien

Berlin. (red). 28. Mai 2008. Bei der Eröffnung der Internationalen Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung hat Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel die Bemühungen der Luftfahrtindustrie um den Umwelt- und Klimaschutz gewürdigt.

"Der Klimaschutz stellt hohe Anforderungen an die Entwicklung neuer Technologien und Werkstoffe", sagte die Bundeskanzlerin bei der Eröffnung der Internationalen Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung (ILA) in Berlin.

Als klassische Wachstumsbranche mit einem "brillanten internationalen Ruf" habe die Luftfahrtindustrie jedoch das Zeug, auch die aktuellen Herausforderungen zu meistern. In den vergangenen vier Jahrzehnten sei es immerhin gelungen, den Kraftstoffverbrauch der Flugzeuge um 70 Prozent zu senken, erinnerte die Kanzlerin.

Angesichts der Debatte um den Klimaschutz und ständig steigender Energiepreise steht das Thema Energieeffizienz heute mehr denn je im Fokus der Branche. Wie schon auf der Computermesse Cebit und bei der Hannover Messe im April stehen energiesparende Technologien daher auch auf der ILA im Mittelpunkt.

Rosinenbomber neben Riesenflieger A380

Zum Auftakt ihres Eröffnungsrundgangs würdigte Merkel die Veteranen der alliierten Luftbrücke vor 60 Jahren. Der historische Einsatz der USA und Großbritanniens in den Jahren 1948 und 1949 sei damals wie heute für jüngere Menschen ein bewegendes Ereignis.

Ohne die so genannten Rosinenbomber, von denen das eingeschlossene West-Berlin versorgt wurde, hätte sich die Geschichte anders entwickelt, zeigte sich Merkel überzeugt. Die Luftbrücke sei deshalb bis heute ein "herausragendes Symbol für die transatlantische Partnerschaft", so Merkel.

Die ILA findet alle zwei Jahre statt: dieses Jahr mit einer Rekordbeteiligung von mehr als 1.100 Ausstellern aus 37 Ländern. Partnerland ist diesmal Indien. Auf dem 250.000 Quadratmeter großen Messegelände sind noch bis Sonntag mehr als 300 Fluggeräte zu sehen.

Ab Freitag ist die Messe für das Publikum geöffnet. Insgesamt erwarten die Veranstalter mehr als 200.000 Besucherinnen und Besucher. Bei dem dargebotenen Flugprogramm sind unter anderem das weltgrößte Verkehrsflugzeug, der Airbus A380, indische Hubschrauber und die Schweizer Kunstflugstaffel Patrouille Suisse zu sehen.

Nach dem Vorwurf der Pflege von Nazis: "Pflegekräfte können sich Patienten nicht aussuchen, keine andere Wahl”

Hauptberuflich als Journalist tätig. Im Zweitberuf als Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger soll Andreas Klamm in chirugischen Notaufnahmen und auf Intensiv-Stationen auch ehemalige Angehörige der Wehrmacht gepflegt und in Notfälle versorgt haben. Ärzte betrifft es wohl auch. Photo:

Nach dem Vorwurf der Pflege von Nazis: Pflegekräfte können sich Patienten nicht aussuchen, keine andere Wahl”

London / Ludwigshafen. (red). 27. Mai 2008. Zu den Vorwürfen die gegen den Journalisten Andreas Klamm erhoben wurden, er habe in seinem Zweit-Beruf als Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger auch “Nazi-Offiziere der Wehrmacht” gepflegt, erklärte gestern der Journalist und Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger:
“Die Vorwürfe stimmen. Sowohl in der chirugischen Notaufnahme als auch auf verschiedenen Intensiv-Stationen musste ich auch alte und schwerstkranke Menschen pflegen, von denen einige sich auch dazu bekannten in der Wehrmacht gedient zu haben.

Doch als Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger frage ich ich nicht nach dem Reisepass oder einem Partei-Buch von Patienten. Mir blieb in Erfüllung meiner Dienstpflichten keine andere Wahl als auch bekennende Nazi-Offiziere zu pflegen.”
Das sei für ihn auch eine Herausforderung gewesen, insbesondere dann, wenn diese “besondere Patienten” ganz klar ihre rassistische Ideologien zum Besten brachten, da er doch der Enkel-Sohn eines ehemaligen französischen Offizers und französischen Staatsbürgers ist, der jedoch in Afrika geboren wurde, ergänzte der Pfleger und Journalist.

Andreas Klamm: “Einer meiner Großväter ist Afrikaner damit mussten auch die ehmaligen Nazi-Offiziere leben lernen. Doch im Krankenhaus oder im Rettungsdienst geht es nicht um politische Probleme, sondern um gesundheitliche und medizinische Probleme. Nach einem Partei-Buch von Patienten habe ich während meiner 18jährigen Tätigkeit im Zweitberuf als Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger kein einziges Mal gefragt. In meiner hauptberuflichen Arbeit als Journalist habe ich hingegen ganz klar Stellung für Israel und die Brüder und Schwestern im christlichen und jüdischen Glauben bezogen und auch mehrfach darüber berichtet, dass ich kein Freund von Rassismus und Nationalsozialismus bin.

Die wenigstens Menschen in Deutschland gehen vermutlich nicht soweit, auch aus politischen Gründen einen Antrag auf den Wechsel der Staatsbürgerschaft beim US Department for Justice in Washington D.C. in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika zu stellen. Doch eben wegen meines Standpunktes, mich zu einer freiheitlich-demokratischen Grundordnung zu bekennen, blieb mir aus meiner Sicht keine andere Wahl als auch einen solchen ungewöhnlichen Schritt auch aus Menschenrechts-politischen Gründen beim US-Justizministerium zu machen.
Sicherlich handelte ich auch aus Glaubens- und Gewissensgründen mit der öffentlichen Distanzierung von Deutschland. Der Wechsel der Staatsbürgerschaft, ist ein Menschenrecht, das in der Allgemeinen Erklärung der Menschenrechte der Vereinten Nationen (United Nations, UN), proklamiert ist.

Beim besten Willen kann ich Menschen nicht verstehen, die behinderten Journalisten und Menschen, wie mir, alle Grundrechte und Menschenrechte absprechen wollen. Die Korrespondenz die wegen der fehlenden ärztlichen Versorgung seit immerhin 15 Monaten in Deutschland mit dem UN-Menschenrechts-Kommissar und dem EU-Menschenrechts-Kommissar, Thomas Hammarberg, in Strasbourg stattgefunden hat, ist ausführlich begründet. Bereits im Frühjahr 2007 erklärte kein geringerer Politiker als Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD):

Menschenrechte sind allgemeingültig, unteilbar und bedingen einander. Es kann keinen Vorrang zwischen bürgerlichen und poltitischen Freiheitsrechten und einerseits wirtschaftlichen, sozialen und kulturellen Rechten andererseits geben. Achtung und Schutz von Menschenrechten sind nur in einem Umfeld möglich, in dem Sicherheit organisiert und gewährleistet ist. Wir schulden den Sonderberichterstattern Dank für ihren oft unter schweren Bedingungen geleisteten Einsatz für die Menschenrechte.

Es kann nicht angehen, dass schwerste Menschenrechtsverletzungen nicht - oder nicht mit der gebotenen Deutlichkeit - angesprochen werden können, weil regionale oder weltanschaulich bedingte Solidarität die Bereitschaft zu vorurteilsloser Wahrnehmung von kritischen Situationen überstrahlt. Die einzige Solidarität, die es in diesem Gremium geben sollte, ist die Solidarität mit der Sache der Menschenrechte selbst ! In Fällen extremer Menschenrechtsverletzungen sind wir es den Menschen und der Weltgemeinschaft schuldig, nicht zu schweigen und nicht wegzusehen.” (aus der Rede von Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier am 12. März 2007).

Bereits im Jahr 2006 gründete der Journalist das Medienprojekt “
Die Menschenrechts-Reporter :: Human Rights Reporter”. In dem Projekt werden Berichte über Menschenrechte und Menschenrechts-Verletzungen auch in Deutschland in deutscher, englischer und französischer Sprache veröffentlicht. Das Medienprojekt die Menschenrechts-Reporter ist im Internet bei und erreichbar.

Die Veröffentlichungen entstehen in zahlreichen Co-operationen eines internationalen Teams von Journalisten und Journalistinnen. “Wie weit ein Mensch oder auch ein Journalist in seinem Engagement für Grundrechte und Menschenrechte in der Berichterstattung geht, kann nur jeder Mensch und Journalist alleine entscheiden. Die Arbeit und Berichterstattung zum Thema Grundrechte und Menschenrechte ist auch in Deutschland mit Gefahren verbunden. Daher halte ich es um so wichtiger, wenn sich mehr Menschen in Deutschland auch aktiv an der Einhaltung der Grundrechte und Menschenrechte beteiligen und nicht ständig die Opfer schwerster Menschenrechts-Verletzungen, wie etwa behinderte Menschen, der ich ja auch bin, angreifen. Der geringste Weg des Widerstandes, ist es sicher die Opfer anzugreifen, statt die Täter der Menschenrechts-Verletzungen zu stoppen. Doch der gerechtere Weg ist es, Grund- und Menschenrechts-Verletzungen in Deutschland oder auch in anderen Ländern, soweit wie möglich zu verhindern.

Seit 2006 ist mein Lebensmittelpunkt in London in England. Doch man zwingt mich geradezu auch über diese ernste Themen in Deutschland zu schreiben und in Radio- und Fernseh-Sendungen zu berichten. Die Vorwürfe, dass ich als Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger im Zweitberuf auch ehemalige Wehrmachts-Offiziere gepflegt haben soll, kann ich nicht verstehen, denn kein Arzt oder keine Krankenschwester oder Krankenpfleger kann sich die Patienten, die er oder sie in Notlagen versorgen muss, aussuchen. Wer beim Medienprojekt Die Menschenrechts-Reporter mitwirken möchte, ist herzlich eingeladen. Natürlich bin ich dankbar über jeden Menschen, der sich für soziale Gerechtigkeit und Menschenrechte auch aktiv engagiert.”, erklärte der Journalist.

Kairos Outreach Supports Prisoners, Families

Kairos Inside for Incarcerated Men and Women. Photo: Christian Newswire

Kairos Outreach Supports Prisoners, Families

ORLANDO, May 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Kairos Prison Ministry program, headquartered in Winter Park, FL, provides faith-based Christian programs for prisoners and their families across the nation and Overseas. The ministry, which got its start in 1976, is made up of three programs: Kairos Inside for Incarcerated Men and Women; Kairos Torch for Youthful Offenders; and Kairos Outside for female family and friends.

Kairos is a Christian outreach to imprisoned men and women. Well-organized and highly trained volunteer teams of men and women conduct an introductory three-day weekend retreat inside the prison. Kairos volunteers and leaders work with prison officials and the prison chaplain to identify inmate participants, usually incarcerated men and women seen as leaders among the prison population.

This short course in Christianity is conducted through education, meditation, group discussion and self- examination. After the initial three-day retreat, Kairos volunteers return to the prison for follow-up sessions with the Kairos program graduates. The graduates are also encouraged to meet in small groups together inside the prison on a weekly basis to continue their personal and spiritual growth.

Kairos Torch

The fastest growing Kairos program is its program for juvenile offenders called Torch. The goals of Torch are to provide a safe place for juvenile offenders to explore their spirituality; to offer unconditional love and acceptance in a Christian setting; to encourage the sharing of life journeys and help the youthful offender to move forward with his/her life in a more positive way; and to foster spiritual growth through a long-term mentoring program.

Torch follows a similar format as the adult outreach program with a two-day weekend retreat followed up by continuing ministry that includes weekly, one-to- one mentoring by adult Kairos volunteers. Torch offers a significant potential to impact individual lives and the overall criminal justice system and prison population as a whole.

Kairos Outside

Kairos Outside is a program designed to support the female loved ones of men and women who are or have been incarcerated. Relatives/friends "do time" right along with their imprisoned loved ones. The Kairos Outside program is a special weekend retreat where participants share with others how the incarceration of a loved one is affecting family life. Weekend retreats become a safe place where participants can share their experiences, share their faith and find comfort and support.

The goal of this Christian ministry is to bring about healing, forgiveness and spiritual growth in participants. Through small groups, outside participants find the strength and support for the unique challenges they face.

For more information, call (407) 629-4948 and speak to our Executive Director, John A. Thompson, Jr., or visit the Kairos website at

Carry-on Expert: 'Don't Pay Checked Baggage Fees'

Carry-on Expert: 'Don't Pay Checked Baggage Fees'

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, May 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- If you have better use for your money than giving the airlines $25-$50 per checked bag when you travel, here's good news. Dr. Pat Boone, a packing pro, former international travel agent and airline professional, is sharing her expert tips for traveling with only carry-on luggage.

"I used to be like everyone else, dragging huge suitcases behind me, having them fall over when trying to get through doors, and looking for the elevator because it was too dangerous to navigate the escalator with all my luggage. Then, one day I decided - enough!"

That's when she developed "Pat's Packing Tips for Trips," which she shares as a speaker to groups in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and to groups around the country. She shared with us a few of her tips.

First, have a checklist that you refine as you travel. (You can find a sample of Pat's Packing List on her website at For business, a basic black suit can cover day and night meetings, with only a change of tops, plus jewelry and scarves. A black wrinkle-free raincoat is a must, because if you're overloaded on the return trip, you can put shoes or other items in your coat pockets and carry your coat on the airplane over your arm. In fact, the more pockets your coat has, the more extra items you can carry on board in addition to your allowed luggage, if you're discreet about it.

Even on small regional jets, there is storage overhead and under the seat. Remember that your heavier rolling suitcase should fit under the seat, because what you need to lift overhead should be your lighter weight luggage containing your bulkier and more flexible items. A smaller rolling suitcase can be rolled down the aisle and need not be lifted. "I have a special size just for the smaller regional jets."

So, what to wear? Always dark basic colors that can be easily wiped clean. "Everything I carry can be washed in the sink and hung to dry. Therefore, I have a "travel outfit." I leave my "regular" clothes at home that need a washer and dryer or dry cleaning. Also, I carry dry detergent, so that it doesn't count as one of my 3 oz. liquid items in my one quart bag limit for carry- on luggage."

Two days before your trip, refill and recharge everything on your list...then, when it's time to pack, you can easily pack your travel outfit, shoes, scarves, jewelry and makeup in less than two hours.

While you're trying to downsize, you might consider the much-maligned "fanny pack." It can store everything you need at your seat during your flight, and, if worn out of sight under your clothes, doesn't count as your one personal item that is allowed with your one bag allowance for carry-on. "I call this 'body luggage'."

Transfer your music or whatever you want to listen to onto a flashstick-size device, and use folding ear buds with noise-suppression in case you have noisy neighbors. "I also travel with emergency items, like a mylar survival blanket the size of a deck of cards. In case of a smoke emergency, I carry swim goggles, a thin washcloth, and water in a "sippy cup" where I can always get to them, in case of an emergency on any public transportation or at my hotel."

Dr. Pat Boone is the only female member of the Colorado Springs Airport Advisory Commission, having been an international travel agent and in airline management. Her expertise comes not only from her occupations, but also from traveling the world, always trying to find an easier way to travel.