Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 is the Year to Overcome Your Fears: Fear Doesn't Have to Enslave Us

2009 is the Year to Overcome Your Fears: Fear Doesn't Have to Enslave Us

ENUMCLAW, Wash., Jan. 14 /Christian Newswire/ -- Sue Falcone describes herself as having been one of the most fearful people alive. Illegitimate, born in crisis, and not expected to survive, Sue Falcone had spent a lifetime avoiding her fears. Her fears ranged from a paralyzing fear of snakes, to more common fears of acceptance and success. She has journeyed through an abusive childhood, handled the stress of divorce, and single parenting, as well as the challenge of raising step children.

To succeed Sue chose to gain peace and security through a performance driven lifestyle, the emotional comfort of food, and basing her self-worth and acceptance in financial rewards. Then ten years ago, facing early retirement, heavily overweight and deep in debt, Sue finally hit rock bottom. All her plans had failed and she could no longer run from God. Allowing God's mercy, grace and forgiveness to be the source of truth in her life, God changed Sue from the inside- out. Realizing her unique gifts of speaking, teaching, encouragement, inspiration, and humor, combined with her passion for people, Sue knew God was calling her to help others be an "overcomer" too. Through this healing journey her new book was born.
Sue now shares God's message of hope on the topic of fear in her book, "The Lighthouse of Hope: A Day by Day Journey to Fear Free Living." She points out, "Fear is the root source of stress. We were not created with a spirit of fear, and God's true plan of living is freedom from its bondage." Weaving in her love of lighthouses as a point of direction, the book includes 366 daily reminders incorporating a Bible verse that shows us we are not to fear. Readings include the background and original context of each verse, real-life application, and Hope for You, which challenges the reader to take action in their battle against fear. Sue drew on what God taught her as she conquered her own fears. She is hoping readers will walk away knowing Jesus Christ is their only hope. "No matter the situation, He is the light of our lives."

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