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Informing the Christian Vote in 2008

Informing the Christian Vote in 2008

OPINION, October 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- Most agree that for Christians, the number 1 issue is life. One black friend told me "Obama is pro-life and he's a Christian." But at the forum hosted by Rick Warren, while John McCain said life begins at conception, Obama said he didn't know when life began, but his voting record shows he thinks an unborn baby - even one surviving a botched abortion - has no right to life. He has a 100% rating by pro-abortion lobby NARAL and, according to a popular news site ( feminist-a-mccain-presidency-would-threaten- abortion-rights/), is endorsed by a prominent pro- abortion legal activist. Yet his campaign insists he is pro-life.

Randall Terry's video best outlines your duty as a Christian voter and leader. View it:

Is ignorance an excuse? The Bible says: my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. As Randall points out, God was so incensed by the Israelites who adopted pagan child sacrifice practices that even after they repented, He refused to pardon them! Clearly, the greatest sin against God is killing a helpless child.

How would God punish us? Has He not allowed us to suffer the worst bank crisis in all of human history? Or was that a mere coincidence?

Which brings us to the number 2 issue, the economy. Before the financial crisis, John McCain was leading in the polls. Since the crash, he has trailed Obama, showing that the economy is the pivotal issue, turning around the polls on the assumption that the Republicans caused the crisis. The Obama camp blamed the "unregulated" free market, suggesting President Bush had caused it by promoting free market principles. But is that accurate? The administration of popular news site Laigle's Forum ( ) decided to investigate and discovered that, the crash was caused by over-regulation of mortgage companies by government do-gooders to "help" minorities. Knowing that the Left ignores opinions not shared by "mainstream" media, they found an improbable source in the mainstream French newspaper Le Figaro -- an article by Hayek Institute President and financial expert Vincent Benard. Laigle's Forum became the only news source in America to carry its own into-English translation of this article, which you can read here: lafayette-rallies-the-troops/.

The "Christian" Left, which supports Obama, proclaims Jesus a socialist. But the Bible shows that Jesus strongly opposed the socialists of his day. You can read about it here: in-bible-times-part-1/

Will God allow our economy to be destroyed for the sin of disobedience - and of willful ignorance? No one knows. But we had better pay attention to this question: If we elect a president who defends the "right" to kill the unborn, would God be justified in allowing our nation to perish? You decide. On Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008.

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