Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pro-Family Election Results Show America Remains a Center-Right Country

Pro-Family Election Results Show America Remains a Center-Right Country

WASHINGTON, Today /Christian Newswire/ -- Despite what some have suggested, the 2008 general elections were not a repudiation of pro-family values. In key races and constitutional amendments across America, when voters were presented with well defined choices, pro- family values won many clear victories.

Christian Coalition distributed millions of voter guides in targeted states and races all across America, and those voter guides were clearly instrumental in providing voters with critical information regarding candidate's positions on key faith and family issues.

In a historic repudiation of the decision by four judicial tyrants to legalize homosexual "marriages" earlier this year, California voters passed an amendment to their constitution defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Voters in Florida and Arizona overwhelmingly outlawed homosexual "marriages" in their state constitutions as well, becoming the 29th and 30th states to do so (with a national approval average of seventy percent). This is obvious evidence that America remains a culturally center-right country.

The President of the Christian Coalition of America, Roberta Combs said: "Although we are disappointed that the executive branch and legislative branch will be controlled by pro-abortion leadership, we are encouraged with the number of pro-family and pro-life Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle that were either re-elected or elected for the first time. We were also encouraged by the huge victories of many pro-family measures that were on the ballot, especially the passage of state constitutional amendments upholding traditional marriage in California, Florida and Arizona."

Besides the passage of marriage amendments, Arkansas voters banned homosexual couples from adopting children or becoming foster parents; Nebraska voters ended affirmative action; and even in liberal San Francisco, a measure to legalize prostitution was overwhelmingly defeated.


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