Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Internet Evangelist Declares, 'The Hand of God Has Been Removed from this Nation'

Internet Evangelist Declares, 'The Hand of God Has Been Removed from this Nation'

MEDIA ADVISORY, November 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- Bill Keller, founder of Liveprayer.com and the world's leading internet evangelist, has been long concerned about the American economic crisis, and with the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th president of the United States, Keller declared, "the hand of God has been removed from this nation."

Keller explains that this nation has been operating in rebellion to God and biblical truth for decades, legally slaughtering four thousand innocent babies daily, making a mockery of God's plan for marriage and the family, turning to the lusts of the flesh and pleasures of earthly existence, while worshiping the idols and false gods of the world.

Against this backdrop, says Keller, the nation has just elected a man who will insure abortion on demand in all fifty states, champion the radical homosexual agenda, and be friendly to those nations that want to see Israel destroyed. And while President-elect Obama claims to be a Christian, his stated beliefs and actions in office illustrate his rebellion against God and the truth of the Bible. In addition to supporting the legalized killing of the unborn and the homosexual agenda, Obama has stated that he believes the universalistic lie that everyone will get to heaven despite rejecting faith in Jesus Christ.

The United States has had presidents before who were not friends of God, and the nation did not crumble spiritually because at the time there was still a vibrant remnant of true followers of Christ. Today, we have the better percentage of two full generations who have never been to church; so many churches today do little or no evangelism. Over the past forty years, that remnant of true followers has dwindled down considerably as older saints have gone to be with the Lord and haven't been replaced.

The effect of Obama's election is that it will empower those who oppose the work of God. Their target will be zeroed in on those who believe, preach, and teach the Bible as God's inspired, inerrant word, representing absolute truth and our final authority in all matters. They will be out to destroy true followers of Jesus Christ. The destruction will come in many forms such as the introduction of laws that allow the Bible to be referred to as hate speech, as other countries have already implemented. For the first time, real and tangible persecution is going to be felt by those who refuse to compromise the truth of the Bible and preach the Gospel.

The end result is that people are no longer going to be able to stand in the middle. The election of President Barack Hussein Obama is going to finally force people to take a stand. You are either a follower of Christ, which means you are also a follower of His word, or you are not. Jesus said you can't serve two masters. Elijah told the people on Mt. Carmel to choose who they would serve. It is now time for true followers of Jesus Christ to step up and take their stand for Christ.

This spring, God gave Keller a vision for this nation and the evangelist launched the Jonah Project. The Lord gave Keller this vision and the Holy Spirit guided him to set up this vehicle to bring together true followers of Jesus Christ at this moment in human history, to call this nation to repentance, to turn back to God and biblical truth, and to help lead the lost to faith in Jesus Christ while taking a bold and visible stand on the social issues of our day.

Please visit the Jonah Project homepage at www.liveprayer.com/jonah/ and watch the vision video. The only hope for our nation and for each soul is to turn back to God and biblical truth.

Rev. Bill Keller
St. Petersburg, Florida


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