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'Sex and the City' Movie Reduces Women to Mere Sex Objects Says Bill Keller of

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'Sex and the City' Movie Reduces Women to Mere Sex Objects Says Bill Keller of

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., May 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- The popular HBO series "Sex and the City" that opens in theaters nationwide next Friday, has America's most outspoken Internet Evangelist and Faith and Values Expert shaking his head in disgust!

The world's leading Internet Evangelist, Bill Keller, Founder of says the "Sex and the City" series and its movie-counterpart (New Line Cinema) do little more than teach women how to be sexually permissive while celebrating unhealthy relationships.

In a recent statement to his 2.5 million daily subscribers Keller stated, "HBO's 'Sex and the City' series and its big screen account, depict the moral decay of our society. Instead of empowering women as some secularist claim," says Keller . . ."in truth, both the series and the film reduces women to nothing more than mere sex objects . . . while instructing them on how to have unhealthy relationships (often with multiple sexual partners) that damages and even destroy their lives," claims Keller.

Suggested Interview Questions:

Bill, what do you attribute the popularity of the HBO series and this movie to?
Why are so many women attracted to the characters depicted in S.A.T.C.?
How realistic do you think these storylines are to every day life?
Come on, Bill. . . It's a MOVIE.....FICTION!....why are you so upset?
How do you think women (Particularly young women) could be harmed by going to see this film? Research Links:


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