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Mission Lessons 'Teach and Inspire' - New Radio Messages from the Pontifical Mission Societies Continue Archbishop Sheen Legacy

Mission Lessons 'Teach and Inspire' - New Radio Messages from the Pontifical Mission Societies Continue Archbishop Sheen Legacy

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada, May 29 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Continuing and living a legacy." That's how Pontifical Mission Societies National Director, Monsignor John E. Kozar, presented "Mission Lessons," a new series of radio messages released on May 29 during the Catholic Media Convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"These moments from the Missions that teach and inspire represent our way of continuing and living the legacy of Archbishop Fulton Sheen," explained Monsignor Kozar, speaking of his predecessor as national director (1950 to 1966).

"Archbishop Sheen masterfully used the media to proclaim the 'Good News' of Jesus and the teachings of the Church," he continued, "and it is most fitting that we return to our roots here, while utilizing the technology in this area available to us today."

In 1930, Archbishop Sheen started a weekly national radio broadcast, The Catholic Hour. Two decades later that program had an estimated audience in the millions.

"Mission Lessons" feature Monsignor Kozar reflecting on what he has seen on visits to the Developing World - the life-giving service of priests, Religious Sisters and Brothers, and lay catechists - and on what he has learned from missionaries. The 60- second spots then relate those experiences to the "lessons" they hold for the everyday lives of listeners.

"The Missions of today and the work and witness of missionaries open our eyes in faith to the myriad possibilities to live out, each day, our baptismal call to mission," Monsignor Kozar said. "After all, we are all part of this 'one family in mission.'"

Produced and distributed by the Kennedy Brownrigg Group, these messages are targeted for use on radio (terrestrial / satellite / internet), but they can also be used for spiritual / prayerful meditation, as well as for small group discussion starters. This initial 10-spot release will be followed by two more: one in the fall, and another before year-end. In addition to direct distribution to radio outlets, these radio messages will also be available for download at the Pontifical Mission Societies web site at

This year was chosen for this project, Monsignor Kozar observed, because of its missionary significance for the Church in the United States. On June 29, 1908, a decree of Pope Pius X removed the designation "mission territory" from the Church in the United States, meaning that we were no longer dependent upon the sacrifices of the Catholics of Europe - through the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, one of the four Pontifical Mission Societies - to support our pastoral and evangelizing needs.

"As we mark this 100th anniversary of our 'mission independence,' we give thanks to God for the missionaries who served our growing Church, and remember that 'Pentecost continues' as missionaries today proclaim the 'Good News' of Jesus throughout the Developing World," observed Monsignor Kozar. "These 'lessons' help us all to remember our much-needed part in this mission to the world, and show us the way to be missionaries ourselves, to share our faith, each and every day."

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