Thursday, June 5, 2008

National Priests' Organization Asks Pointed Election Questions

National Priests' Organization Asks Pointed Election Questions

STATEN ISLAND, Ny., June 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, released a statement this morning regarding the position of Priests for Life at the outset of the general election battle. The statement poses key questions to five groups of people. The entire text can be found at

To candidates who support legal abortion, Priests for Life asks whether, when they say the word abortion, they mean the same thing that abortion providers mean. The statement quotes medical texts such as Abortion Practice, in which Dr. Warren Hern says, for example, "A long curved Mayo scissors may be necessary to decapitate and dismember the fetus..."

"Those who say they support 'choice' are characteristically unwilling to describe the choice. That's a clear sign that they are wrong. If they cannot even describe what they support, how can they expect voters to support them?" Fr. Pavone asked.

Priests for Life will announce, in the coming weeks, a series of conference calls and web seminars that will enable interested citizens to engage the political process to advance the culture of life. For more information, see

Priests for Life is the nation's largest Catholic pro- life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit

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