Thursday, June 5, 2008

Up Against Evil - The Silent Abuser

Up Against Evil - The Silent Abuser

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, June 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Royal KMA Series, LLC is pleased to announce the release of 'Up Against Evil', by Jennifer G. Williams. Ms. Williams' true account of her tragedy at the hands of one who was supposed to love, honor, and cherish her is a gripping, heart rending expose' of true evil wielded by the hand of a master manipulator. Media personnel may e-mail for a complementary copy of the entire PDF eBook

Up Against Evil recounts in chilling detail the 15-year trail of emotional tears perpetrated upon her by her ex- husband. Read how one malicious abuser lied in private, deceived throughout their marriage, committed perjury on 4 separate occasions under sworn testimony, with the help of the Texas judicial system effectively stole Ms. Williams' 2 boys, and up until this point has not only escaped all consequences, but has prospered at Ms. Williams' emotional and financial expense. Read how our judicial system, while supposedly designed to protect victims, actually played right into the hands of this ex- husband and his exceedingly able attorney. You will learn how an apparently un-caring Judge in San Antonio, TX not only helped this man to cement his 15- year reign of terror, but also how she compounded that terror by strapping Ms. Williams with unwarranted child support payments to this pathological liar and perjurer, as well as by saddling her with his attorney's fees.

Unlike most works, Up Against Evil gives the reader the opportunity to help reverse this most despicable chain of events. The reader will have the opportunity to read the detailed record and to make direct contact with those who can actually rectify this travesty of justice. With a phone call, an e-mail, and a letter, the reader can actually bring the glare of daylight to this darkness that is being swept into the judicial dust bin. These readers can make all the difference.

Please go immediately to and review this grave chronicle of one woman and her sons actually being... Up Against Evil.

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