Sunday, June 1, 2008

Young Broadcasting Disseminates False and Misleading Information in Anti Christian Campaign

Young Broadcasting Disseminates False and Misleading Information in Anti Christian Campaign

TELLICO PLAINS, Tenn., May 30 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian Citizens against Corruption has filed a formal letter of inquiry to media empire heir Vincent Young. Mr. Young has declined to respond.

According to certified letters, since February 23, 2006, News 6 WATE of Knoxville, Tennessee, employee Don Dare along with a cameraman trespassed onto private property using camera equipment, an invasion of privacy, to video without explicit permission to create a sensational news story to publicly ridicule and slander a Christian missionary.

Don Dare and the cameraman were asked to immediately leave, but they did not. Later, Don Dare and news director Rob Akins intentionally and repeatedly released false and misleading information about the national Christian mission coordinator, who refused to be interviewed without an appointment. Phone calls and letters were sent to News 6 WATE advising the station director that information News 6 WATE was broadcasting was false and misleading. Despite many attempts advising the station manager, News 6 WATE continued to air false and misleading information for months after creating a sensational news series to boost its ratings.

In April of 2008, Young Broadcasting executive Brian Greif failed to respond to certified mail addressing the continued release of false and misleading information over the internet by News 6 WATE. "Young broadcasting definitely has an anti Christian agenda and they are unwilling to talk about it. It is a very serious matter for any individual or organization to use their position to knowingly disseminate false and misleading information which would disrupt or hinder the security of the people in that state or nation," says National Missions Coordinator George Raudenbush for Appalachian Youth Missions, who coordinates youth and adults in missions worldwide.

Young Broadcasting owns thirteen television stations according to Wikipedia: KRON of San Francisco, California, WKRN of Nashville, Tennessee, WTEN of Albany, New York, WCDC of Adams, Massachusetts, WATE of Knoxville, Tennessee, WRIC of Richmond, Virginia, WBAY of Green Bay, Wisconsin, KWOC of Davenport, Iowa, WLNS of Lansing, Michigan, KELO of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, KDLO of Florence, South Dakota, KPLO of Reliance, South Dakota, KLFY of Lafayette, Louisiana and KCLO of Rapid City, South Dakota.

Every American citizen is endowed with an inherent right and responsibility to hold public officials accountable. For further information visit:

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