Sunday, March 30, 2008

Author Offers Answers for the State of Emergency Facing Children in the United States

Author Offers Answers for the State of Emergency Facing Children in the United States

SOMIS, California, March 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new book for parents, by Noreen Jacks, offers hope to parents who struggle to raise righteous children in an unrighteous world.

In 'Promises from the Olive Tree', a 120-page book with 35 color illustrations, the author examines the metaphor of the olive tree in the Bible as it relates to the raising of children. Looking to the Master Gardener for instruction, it encourages parents to see how their children-like the olive tree-require care and dedication to be shaped and trained to achieve their ultimate potential to serve God. The ongoing analogy between the tree and the child point to the book's recurring theme of growth and restoration.

Jacks offers an inspiring interview that identifies the problem, the consequences, the solution and the ultimate goal in raising children. She claims the church has neglected to teach parents how to properly train their children resulting in a blatant disrespect of parental, civic, and moral authority among many of today's youth with few children remaining in church after high school. A rebellious child is a grievance to parents, society, and to God.

Parents must be present in their children's lives. Jacks states, 'We must guard our children jealously just as God guards His children, being careful to watch for warning signs and negative influences (2 Cor 11:2). Parents cannot falter when it comes to pruning and cultivating their young 'trees'. Although the process may be time-consuming and painful, it is necessary to assure increased, healthy productivity.'

Jacks claims, 'Psalm 128:3 promises that our sons (and daughters) will be as olive shoots around our table. This verse speaks of expected maturity and abundant fruitfulness in God's appointed time. In ancient Israel, the ultimate byproduct of the esteemed olive tree was the sacred oil used to anoint prophets, priests, and kings. The ultimate goal for all of God's children is to walk in holiness-the anointing of the Lord. Of course, God's promises are conditional. Quality fruit is the result of obedience to His Word.'

Jacks' expertise on the subject comes from her numerous Middle East tours, a Master's degree program in Religious Studies and more than 30 years of Bible teaching. Noreen Jacks lives with her husband in Woodland, California. Jacks is available for interviews and speaking engagements and can be contacted at 530-666-2562 or at Noreen@nor More information is available from the publisher at www.LifeS or www.noreenjacks .com.

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