Monday, March 31, 2008

Hillary Clinton Lies About Bosnia Trip

Hillary Clinton Lies About Bosnia Trip

WASHINGTON, March 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has lied about her trip to Bosnia in 1996. On at least three occasions Hillary has recounted stories about how she and her daughter were under attack from sniper's fire when they landed in Bosnia.

Hillary Clinton has said she misspoke, but if she did have a memory lapse, she had the same memory lapse at least three times on the campaign trail during the past year. What is so astonishing is that a Presidential Candidate can tell lies and then think it is OK continue to lie to the American public.

Neil Cavuto of Fox News called Hillary Clinton's story a lie. It just can't be called anything else considering the facts of the case and Hillary doesn't seem to regret being caught in this type of "misstatement."

Don Swarthout, President of Christians Reviving America's Values said, "The worst thing about this whole story is the fact America's Society has developed a tolerance for allowing Presidential Candidates to tell lies and we all accept it."

Swarthout said, "I am tired of people who are running for President and our elected officials lying to us all of the time...and the America people seemingly just accept it as part of the political process. When are we going to wake up and demand the truth?"

Swarthout made a very important and powerful statement when he said, "I believe we have a right to expect a government based upon the principles of God...instead of a government based upon the principles of the devil."

"As American's we have a right to expect a government based upon the standards of telling us the plain truth and treating people who elected them with some human respect. As American's we all have to start saying these things," Swarthout said.

"We are announcing the start of Don Swarthout Ministries to speak more as a Christian to the people of America. We have gotten off track by somehow thinking doing wrong is right in America. We must return to the principles that made America great and those are the principles of Christianity. People who want me to speak at their events or Church should just call me," Swarthout concluded.

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