Sunday, March 30, 2008

Donor Dollars Doubled with a Matching Grant

Donor Dollars Doubled with a Matching Grant

MEDIA ADVISORY, March 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- Bridge Disability Ministries is grateful and proud to announce its selection by the Medina Foundation for two grants in 2008. The first grant is similar to prior grants received from this long- standing Seattle Philanthropic organization in that it is a $15,000 grant to support our operating budget. In prior years, Bridge has been honored to receive Medina Foundation Grant funds in support of its unique programs focused on uplifting adults with long- term disabilities, and working to eliminate their isolation from our community. There is a strong connection and commonality in the mission of Bridge Disability Ministries and that of the Medina Foundation.

The Medina Foundation is a family foundation that works to foster positive change in the Greater Puget Sound area. The founder, Norton Clapp, established the Medina Foundation in 1947. Family was especially important to Norton, and his conviction led him to establish the Medina Foundation to assist those in need.

The Foundation strives to improve the human condition by supporting organizations that provide critical services to those in need. They fund organizations serving targeted populations in innovative ways, and fund prevention, treatment and assistance programs that help people become self- reliant and realize their full potential.

As we work together with the Medina Foundation to fulfill the mission of Bridge Disability Ministries, it is our hope to see our communities become places where the God-given dignity and giftedness of each person is valued, and relationships of respect will grow alleviating the isolation of all people, and enriching our churches and communities. For more information about Programs and services, see

The second grant is a Matching Grant for an additional $15,000. Every "new" donor who contributes to Bridge during 2008 will have his or her Dollars Doubled. This Grant gives other contributors the opportunity to work in partnership with the Medina Foundation to support our Programs, and realize the matching gifts pledged by this generous Foundation Grant. Details about donating can be found on our website or by a call to our office at 425-885-1006 x113 and ask for Colleen.

Bridge Disability Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit ecumenical, Christian-based organization located in Bellevue, Washington, serving persons in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. Because Bridge honors the God-given dignity and giftedness of persons with disabilities, we build relationships to alleviate isolation and enrich our churches and communities.

For over 20 years in service to persons with physical and/or developmental disabilities, we have sought to build a bridge between people with disabilities and churches, social and government agencies, and society at large. Led by the example of Christ's boundless love and compassion, we do not discriminate based on religion, race, gender or ethnic origin when serving persons.

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