Thursday, March 20, 2008

Christ Walks Where Evil Reigned: Responding to the Rwandan Genocide

Christ Walks Where Evil Reigned: Responding to the Rwandan Genocide

DALLAS, March 19 /Christian Newswire/ -- In 1994, in a short span of one hundred days, more than one million men, women and children were slaughtered in Rwanda. While what happened will be remembered in history as one of the most horrific atrocities of our time, the apathy and disinterest of the world regarding this tragedy will take its place in the historical record as one of the blackest marks on humanity. Political and religious leaders alike, along with most of the world media, turned a blind eye to the atrocities while the tiny African nation of Rwanda was all but consumed by the power of evil.

Christ Walks Where Evil Reigned (Authentic) is a powerful and disturbing revelation that lays bare the tragic events that led to, and surround, those horrible days. Authors Emmanuel M. Kolini, the Anglican Archbishop of Rwanda, and Dr. Peter Holmes take a deeply personal look deep into the black, heartless soul of evil as they record the experiences of the most vulnerable who suffered--and are continuing to suffer-- as a result of the killings that took place during those dark days. The authors share the haunting tale of a woman who was forced to bury her young son alive, throwing shovel after shovel of dirt over the boy as he screamed her name over and over while trying in vain to crawl out of his burial hole. They expose the truth of the rape and torture of thousands of women and little girls as young as six who were used as sex slaves for dozens. The authors bravely detail the failure of Christian leaders to intervene and respond and outline the tragic results this apathy has had on the survivors of the slaughter. Because of their inaction, many of those left behind felt evil had triumphed and become more powerful than God.

As profoundly important as the authors' exposure of the ongoing depth of the tragedy is their assertion that God always has had--and still does have--a plan for Rwanda. The authors carefully outline initiatives that can help restore Rwanda to wholeness. The powerful guidelines they present, however, transcend the Rwandan genocide and offer insights that can lead all those who have been traumatized and emotionally damaged by any event into God-breathed healing.

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