Monday, March 24, 2008

Tulsa Conference to Highlight Changing World, Bible Predictions

Tulsa Conference to Highlight Changing World, Bible Predictions

TULSA, Oklahoma, March 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- Terry James, author of 18 books and frequently interviewed speaker on Bible prophecy, will serve as one of two moderators for the Question and Answer sessions during the 14th annual Tulsa International Prophecy Conference, April 2 - 4.

This year's event, held at Radisson Tulsa Hotel (918- 627-5000) will feature well known speakers offering presentations and insights on contemporary world conditions in light of Bible prophecy. The conference is sponsored by Thy Kingdom Come Ministries, headed by Phillip Goodman, who hosts the mid- America conference each year.

The world's leading prophecy speakers have been featured at what is known as Mid-America's largest and longest running conference on Bible Prophecy. Speakers this year include David Reagan, Walid Shoebat, Mike Gendron, Ergun Caner, Gary Fisher, Phillip Goodman, Jeremy Hall, Joe Lowendowski and Q&A moderators Terry James and Mike Hile. For a complete list of sessions and speakers visit:

The Q&A sessions are held each evening at 6:15 and are a dynamic part of the conference. Those in attendance ask questions and interact with speakers to gather the clearest perspective on events taking shape in America, the regions surrounding the nation of Israel, and the increasingly troubled geopolitical and socioeconomic world scene.

In the last year, Terry James, also considered a leading prophecy expert, has experienced a dramatic increase in invitations for interviews by media who are curious about the possibility of unfolding prophecy. He and his internet partner Todd Strandberg host the largest Bible Prophecy website on the web. Each month receives in excess of 10 million hits, with visitors researching through more than 16 thousand in-depth articles on topics revolving around prophecy and Biblical studies. The website has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, the New York Times, L.A. times, Chicago Tribune, Time Magazine, and other media venues.

James' latest book The Nephilim Imperatives, released January of this year, has been called "a well- researched, intensely intriguing novel on the subject of UFOs and how they fit within Bible prophecy." Most who study the UFO phenomenon agree that we are in the midst of what could be the largest UFO flap in history. Many will find The Nephilim Imperatives to be a handy tool for understanding this strange phenomenon within the Biblical context.

James's next book is a non-fiction take on the subject of America in prophecy. It is scheduled for release by Harvest House Publishers in December, 2008.

Interviews with Terry James to discuss the Tulsa Prophecy Conference or other issues related to Bible prophecy (or to receive a press kit including a review copy of Terry's new book) can be arranged through Donna Howell, the publisher's media contact at (417) 723-0610 or

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