Monday, March 31, 2008

New Catholic Website Puts Economic Life in Path to Holiness

New Catholic Website Puts Economic Life in Path to Holiness

Trinity Fiduciary Partners Launches Dynamic Web Portal for Financial, Business and Investment Interests

FORT WORTH, Texas, March 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Trinity Fiduciary Partners understands a basic principle of finance - our economic life is not separate from our faith.

As Catholics and other Christians around the world enjoy the first fruits of Easter week, Trinity Fiduciary Partners announces the launch of a dynamic and informational web portal to assist Catholics in making informed choices with their money. As the Lenten season began, Pope Benedict reminded people of goodwill that "We are not owners but rather administrators of the goods we possess" and that what we have is provided to us "through divine goodness" and is a "means through which the Lord calls each one of us to act as a steward of His providence for our neighbor."

As we enter 50 days of Easter, the Holy Father is again reminding Catholics of their responsibility as stewards to their own particular blessings. In his Easter message he said, "If with humble trust we draw near to him, we encounter in his gaze the response to the deepest longings of our heart: to know God and to establish with him a living relationship in an authentic communion of love, which can fill our lives, our interpersonal and social relations with that same love."

To help Catholics recognize that their economic life is part of how they live out their faith in an authentic communion of love, Trinity has developed a comprehensive website. is a financial web portal where interested individuals can get up-to-the-minute financial, economic, and investment information, find a financial advisor that honors Catholic principles, read financial blogs and listen to podcasts on business, investment, and faith matters. For the first time, values-conscious individuals have a place to go on the internet for financial information explained with Catholic sensibility because the advisors and managers contributing to analyze the relevant information from a Catholic perspective.

"Our mission is to provide content that delivers relevant and practical tools to help Catholics understand the impact their financial decisions have on the culture and their own path to holiness," says Sam Saladino, Chief Executive Officer of Trinity Fiduciary Partners. "Every dollar put into the economy makes a statement and each individual has a responsibility to use their financial resources well."

The senior partners at Trinity Fiduciary Partners are available for interviews. Please contact Ashley Walker at 678-990-9032 or Christine Schicker at 404-610- 8871, both with The Maximus Group.

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