Monday, March 24, 2008

Faith-Based and Community-Based Efforts Provides

Faith-Based and Community-Based Efforts Provides the Keys to Eradicate Poverty, Disease, and Other Social Ills in the Third World and Beyond

WASHINGTON, March 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- A thought-provoking, groundbreaking new book, The Rise of Civil Global Society: Building Nations from the Ground Up (Encounter Books, 2008) by Don Eberly examines innovative ways in which formerly Third World nations and communities around the globe have gradually paved the way to success, providing successful examples to lift themselves out of poverty, and becoming fast-growing powerhouses of both technology, new jobs and opportunities.

In The Rise of Civil Global Society: Building Nations from the Ground Up, Eberly emphasizes the extraordinary contributions that American citizens, via businesses, civic organizations, religious congregations, and NGOs are making to help uplift communities across the globe, in the face of the US government's numerous failed approaches despite their sizeable international fiscal contributions.

Don Eberly, who guided the creation of the President's Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives before going on to serve in a number of senior international policy positions, places an emphasis results-based compassion to help rebuild nations. "Religious congregations are the principal antibodies in America's poorest communities", write Eberly. "While they do not have the capacity to rescue all or most of the poor, urban congregations are the most powerful islands of civic health and hope, providing the poor with role models and exposure to the social norms that generate self-sufficiency."

The Rise of Civil Global Society promotes civil society as a good, effective means of helping to cure various social ills, as volunteerism and charitable service brings more Americans together of different religious, political, and cultural beliefs and stripes.

Eberly, a former White House advisor with over 25 years combined experience in the public policy and government, was the leading designer of Bush's faith- based initiatives. Eberly believes in looking beyond the typical Washington response to difficult global issues to issue seemingly unlimited financial assistance and instead focusing on both community- based partnerships to encourage lifting themselves out of poverty via entrepreneurial means. The Rise of Civil Global Society: Building Nations from the Ground Up offers an inspirational outlook of hope in the face of a pessimistic international media in the spirit of humankind.

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